Published On : Wed, Jan 30th, 2019

How can gynecological complications affect you during pregnancy and delivery?

Gynecology complications can occur to any women at any age after puberty. It is very important to understand the things that are causing these complications and how common or risky they can be. However if you look at the latest scenario of how gynecological complications have evolved over the period, it becomes very relevant to assume that most them are complex and are not easily understood and would need medical intervention. Hence a health checkup once in a while becomes a mandate.

Most of the working women in developed cities like metrics and tier-1 have been higher % of health monitoring compared to the rest of the women. The primary reason for this is the awareness regarding these complications. One of my friends had constant headache that would never go away. In a few weeks, she started getting acne on her face and chest for no reason. This worried her a lot and also affected her social and professional life. She visited a lot of spin doctors and every time the acne went off, new ones popped up. While her headache was never giving up, she visited one of the best gynecology specialists in Noida for a checkup. The results showed that she was suffering from PCOD. And this was the reason for all her above problems. The doctor advised her few lifestyle changes along with medication. She was asked to change the food she eats along with some physical activity. In a few months, the headache went off and in another couple of months, the acne too withered.

If this person had no visited a gynecologist for a common problem like a headache, she would have never figured out the actual reason behind both her headache and acne. Hence it is very important you go for gynec checkup at least once in every 6 months. This duration can, however, change based on your age and other factors like eating, drinking and smoking habits. Most of the best maternity hospitals in Mumbai, enroll you to a year-long free gynecology checkup post your pregnancy. For younger women and older women, there are a lot of gynae health checkups which are very specific to the age group and evaluates you for those specific symptoms and disorders which will happen at that age.

It is not a bad idea after all to spend some extra money on your health even when you are not facing any problems. Prevention is always better than cure and it is good not to realize this in the later stages of your life.