Published On : Wed, Mar 14th, 2018

How A Discount At Panino-The Sandwich World Translated To True Spirit Of Women’s Day!

Nagpur Today.

When the marketing team at Panino Headquarters had an argument on missing the deadline of Women’s Day campaign, it was decided to go ahead with what was planned earlier. A discount for the wonderful ladies exact to their age, but with half the arrangements meant to execute this.

It was 12 in the afternoon of 8th March when the facebook post and text messages went up declaring the discounts but what happened during the day was a never before experience for everyone at Panino.

The outlets were getting busier with women crowding it with friends and family and taking the lead at the billing counter to avail the discount. It was the usual buzz at any Panino restaurant which the staff was used too.

But as the evening progressed and the news spread, the trend changed, the baton was passed on to ladies in their advanced years to join the queue of patrons. Families flocked the Panino restaurants with their elderly leading the entourage. The highest discounts kept on increasing and the day was closed with a massive discount of 84% to a very charming lady. Half the discounts, from within a phenomenal number of total discounts given this day were over 50% meaning Panino served a lot of seniors unlike the usual young crowd.

The change of experience
A simple discount at Panino changed how we look at things. Families came together and bought their seniors along. Although the idea was to score hefty discounts, what happened really was the youngsters came along their Daadi’s and Naani’s and actually spent great deal of time at one of the most happening places in Central India.

So to say, a simple discount gave an opportunity to the senior citizens to bond with their young ones and that too along with a sense of pride for being able to save a great deal of money for their family. The smiles and energy said it all and gave a feeling of empowerment to the ageing ladies.