Published On : Sat, May 10th, 2014

House of Horrors: RTMNU havoc in admission cards of many students even on the day of exam


Double Jeopardy: The faulty I-card issued to a student mentions only two subjects whereas student is suppose to appear in four subjects

Double Jeopardy: The faulty I-card issued to a student mentions only two subjects whereas student is suppose to appear in four subjects

Nagpur News.

Enough is enough. Now, Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) can fittingly be called House of Horrors for doling out nightmares after nightmares to students over one issue or the other. The print media must have used reams of paper or electronic media must have devoted hours in reporting the dubious episodes of RTMNU in recent months. But the RTMNU unfailingly refuses to learn lessons from its failures on almost all fronts as far as interests of students are concerned. Subsequently, the students are finding themselves at the receiving end for the bungles of the University.

In the fresh development, the House of Horrors pushed a few students on the verge of nervous breakdown if their future prospects are put under consideration.

The Summer examinations 2014 have started  but the RTMNU created havoc with exam admission cards, a must for any student to appear for exam. The admission cards with full flaws, students not getting their admission cards on time got exposed as usual. The terrifying facts many students faced were noticed when they received the admission cards. The subjects in which they were scheduled to appear were missing from the admission cards. Every year such cases were witnessed and the students are forced made to run from pillar to post for correction in their admission cards or for even receiving them.

On Saturday May 10, Mukesh Kumar, MBA Fourth Semester student  of KDK College had a hard time struggling to get admission card to appear for his paper scheduled on the same day. His revaluation result of second semester was declared only yesterday and he had to appear for his 4th Semester paper on Saturday. But Mukesh Kumar did not get admission card even as the timing of paper was inching closer and closer.  He had come to RTMNU’s Pariksha Bhavan with his complaint. Here a high-voltage drama was enacted just 15 minutes before the start of his paper. He was frisked away to university premises by some Pariksha Bhavan officials saying he would be allowed to sit in exam even without admission card. However, the officials later anyhow managed to take out his admission card online. Mukesh was taken to Arun Joshi College and was allowed to appear for the exam at 3.30 pm instead of 2.30 pm.

On Saturday, many engineering students appearing for their exams were seen at Pariksha Bhavan crying misprint in their admission cards. In one such case, a Fifth Semester student of Computer Science Vishal Kalidhar who is appearing for 4 subjects was issued admission card mentioning only 2 subjects. His paper is on May 12. When Vishal went to Pariksha Bhavan, near LIT College, he was not allowed to meet any officials and was told to come on Monday, the exam date. There were many such cases of students who are frequenting to Pariksha Bhavan with their complaints.

The students go through such raw ordeal and also lose precious study time because of the mistakes of the administration.  Also there are number of students whose exams have started but their revaluation results are still not declared.

If this horrible state of affairs continue in RTMNU, it would not be surprising to report ruining of careers of several students for no fault of theirs.

…Charles Salve