Published On : Sun, Jun 11th, 2017

Building Collapse : Two of 9 rescued labourers battling for life, law violation exposed!

Nagpur: As many as nine labourers who were trapped beneath the debris in the basement of an underconstruction building in Deo Nagar after a protection wall collapsed on Sunday, were rescued and rushed to the hospital. Sources informed that the fellow labourers showed presence of mind and undertook rescue operations thereby minimising adversity. The rescued labourers were in traula and rushed to the hospital. Of them, two grievously injured are reportedly battling for life. Four suffered multiple fractures and four others escaped with minor injuries. The incident exposed violation of labour laws in construction sector as the workers on job were not wearing safety gears although task allotted to them was dangerous.

A shop keeper lady who has a daily needs provision store right across the site said at 5 p.m. she heard a big noise and then many people began screaming. When she rushed out, she saw there had been an accident at the site of the construction but much below the surface level.
The depth of the accident site and the slippery mud walls was making it very difficult for people inside to come out or rescuers go to their help.
A person at the spot who identified himself as a friend of the builder said that after digging the pit a protective wall is built at the edge – this wall is two layered. Cement blocks and mortar and then steel girders. It was the outer wall that collapsed supposedly “due to pressure being brought by rain water that is cascading into the pit”.
7 – 8 men, and may be a woman too? – are supposed to have been trapped by the collapsing wall.
Some young boys living in nearby bastis rushed to the spot immediately and are said to have dug out the rabble and removed the injured men.
They were removed by ambulance to the near by Orange City Hospital where condition of 2 -3 is supposed to be critical.
When NT questioned a police man who arrived at the scene he said so many people rushing somewhere alerted them that there has been a mishap. They had not been alerted on 100 or any police helpline according to his knowledge.
Even the Fire Brigade tender whose ladders could have been used to get into the pit arrived on the scene a good hour after the accident, after we, from NT had reached there.
Tragically, there was a huge rush of people, youngsters mostly who were there not to offer help, but to take photos/ videos.
“Let’s take a video and upload it on Whats app” we heard one guy saying.
The senior police officer finally cleared the spot at 6.15 or so.
In all this melee, it was one solitary woman, a neighbor called Mrs. Ambhore who was rushing with bottles of water for the men still trapped at the bottom. (It seemed from preliminary view that the steps being constructed to climb up and down had also collapsed in the accident).