Published On : Mon, Aug 18th, 2014

Hooligans back with bike stunts, detained

Nagpur News.

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The ‘Rowdy bikers’ were back in action on the streets in the Orange City and to check on the violation of traffic rules and illegal activities like stunt-biking, Ambazari police have detained a few bikers in this connection.
The hooliganism is picking up in the city with youths being in love with the ‘stunts’ and putting their and others’ lives at stake in the process. City police have been stern against such hooliganism, but the youths, as rebellious as they are, are giving sleepless night to the cops. The neck breaking speeds and the youths hanging sideways from their bikes have become ‘regular’ on Futala road and cops, despite their efforts, are unable to control this menace.


Recently on August 16, these ‘enthusiastic’ bikers displayed their stunt ‘skills’ and entertained the audience. However, the skills did scare some people which of course, the youths gave a royal ignore to. Thus, to check on such hooliganism and to maintain law and order in the city, Ambazari police detained a few bikers and put them behind bars. Names of the youths were not revealed and its still unknown if the detained youths are minor.


By Ravikant Kamble