Published On : Mon, Aug 15th, 2016

Hooliganism marks 70th Independence Day celebrations on city roads

DSC_0704Nagpur: The 70th Independence Day was celebrated by all the schools in the city. School students dressed in their cleanly washed and crisply ironed white uniform looked impressive. The sense of patriotism was inculcated and induced in them right from the small age. For the first time, girl students unfurled the tri-colour in all the schools run by Nagpur Municipal Corporation as they celebrated the 70th Independence Day.

However, one could witness hooliganism in the guise of celebration of Independence Day. Young boys and girls were seen riding on motorcycles and other two-wheelers holding massive flags, shouting slogans. Somehow these youth have got hold of tempos and fitted them with big speakers blowing loud music. One could hear patriotic songs from various Bollywood movies and spiced every now and then with really wild dance numbers from Hindi Movies. The youth were seen dancing while riding the motorcycles or perched on four-wheeler vehicles.

Apple-15-Aug-104Negating the popular notion that only young boys involve in hooliganism, the girls too have joined the bandwagon (“after all, why should boys have all the fun?”).

Apple-15-Aug-076On many city roads, one could see boys and girls seated precariously atop car-roof with flags. This was an accident is the waiting.

Apple-15-Aug-121Those youth on Royal Enfield Motorcycles were seen making blasting noises with their bikes by short-circuiting the bike while on motion. This often caused other road users especially older people to panic and struggle managing their own two-wheelers.

Apple-15-Aug-065The youth dressed in pure white Kurta pyjamas or white shirt and blue jeans were definitely looking appealing except for their antics. Is this really the way one has to celebrate the Independence Day???


While the police personnel of Traffic Department, the Beat Marshals were practically on their toes patrolling the streets and in maintaining law and order on the roads with barricades. The cops were seen taking action against those who were riding triples, or performing stunts on the roads.


Action in Futala Lake side

Whatever be the occasion or on every holiday, one can see heavy rush at Futala Lake side. This is the only day when many venture out with their families to the lake side to witness some action.

DSC_0738However, this time round, the cops ensured that no vehicles are permitted on that road. Yet one could see a lot of action.

DSC_0746Youth carrying massive Indian flags were seen moving in groups shouting slogans of Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Many youngsters were also seen performing stunts (of-course without their bikes). Baloon sellers, sweet corn sellers, face-painters, flower sellers were seen doing brisk business.

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By Samuel Gunasekharan. Pics by Roshan Thakur.