Published On : Mon, Feb 6th, 2017

Honesty stands tall as 4 traffic cops display the quality with aplomb

Traffic cops

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Honesty stands tall amid conflicting interests! And the four traffic cops stood taller to display the honesty when the situation came their way.

Dejection is an oft-witnessed scenario when someone loses his or her wallet containing cash and vital documents. Joydeb Bose, an NRI from Michigan, USA, was no exception. He is on a visit to city to be with his brother Nabakumar Bose, a resident of Vasant Nagar.

Joydeb lost his wallet the other day. A search in his house proved futile. Then realization prevailed of his wallet pickpocketed or just fallen on the road. It could have taken place when he disembarked from his car across the way at Agyaram Devi Temple traffic signal. At the time of lending a helping hand to a needy family on the roadside, the wallet could have gone missing. A few traffic cops were also at the spot on their routine duty in streamlining the traffic at the busy square.

Joydeb’s entire family was in a dilemma over the loss of his wallet containing Rs 20,000 in cash, credit/debit cards, PAN cards, international driving license and other precious documents. When the family was just about to retire to bed, a knock on the door forced them to stay where they are. Four Traffic police constables, earlier seen at Agyaram Devi Temple signal, were the visitors. The cops asked for Joydeb Bose to speak. The four policemen questioned Joydeb about his wallet. But before he could utter a word, the cops handed him over his wallet with cash of Rs 20,000 and all vital documents. Joydeb was left speechless, and, elated as well.

The exemplary act of honesty was displayed by the four traffic cops namely Avinash Patil, Shailesh Gaekwad, Wasudeo Dhootkuwar and Manish Dhurve.

Well done, cops. Your act of honesty and propriety deserve accolades from the grateful society which is full of such quality, albeit, exception.