Published On : Fri, Aug 31st, 2012

Homemade hair care recipes –

Despite all the crazy routines, improper diet, harsh chemical hair products and hair styling appliances our hair starts to fall, go frizzy, dry or damaged. No matter how busy you are, reserve at least an hour especially for your hair once a week. Pamper your hair with homemade hair care recipes and give it all the attention it needs.

Homemade hair care recipes are completely safe. You can treat your hair with a hair care recipe without any hesitation. But first you have to get to know your hair first like what is your hair texture, is your hair oily or dry, what it needs to improve.

All the homemade hair care recipes has different ingredients, some are good for dry hair and some suites oily hair. Different ingredients have different effect on different hair type. If one homemade hair care recipe doesn