Published On : Fri, Jul 2nd, 2021

Highest Paying Government Jobs For Graduates

In India, most people find government jobs as the most secure and dependable. The reason for it is that it comes with a lot of benefits and security. Each year lakhs of candidates appear for the government job exams. Government jobs outperform corporate jobs in many aspects including job security and work-life balance. This article contains all the information regarding the highest-paying government jobs in India. 

1.Indian Foreign Services (IFS)

IFS officers are selected via a civil services exam organized by the UPSC. Our country is represented by these diplomats in foreign countries. IFS officers spend half of their career in foreign countries, with a maximum period of 3 years in a particular country. In a foreign posting, IFS officers along with salaries and benefits of all Grade A employees get an additional foreign allowance on the cost of Living Index provided by the UN, which is in the range of USD 3600-5000. So the salaries and benefits offered are-

  • The minimum salary is between USD 4000-5000
  • The best accommodation is provided in the world’s best cities.
  • Free education in international schools is provided for their children.
  • Official cars.
  • Free medical care.
  • Free air tickets.
  1. IPS and IAS

IPS and IAS are the most decorated jobs in our country. These officers get to work in diverse fields and are part of policymaking in the country, the benefits of these jobs are excellent. Most importantly IPS and IAS officers are given huge power in their hands. Perks, job security, and power make these most desirable among the youth.

The salary and benefits of IPS and IAS officers-

  • Starting salary Rs. 50,000 along with DA.
  • Big house in posh areas when posted as DM.
  • Official vehicle and chauffeur.
  • Security guards are also provided in some States.
  • They get subsidized electricity
  1. Scientist/Engineers in ISRO, DRDO

Engineering freshers and graduates who have an interest in R&D can apply for the post of engineers as well as scientists in ISRO and DRDO or similar such organizations like BARC. Working for these organizations earns huge respect for the people and society. The salaries of their employees are quite sound.

  • Entry-level salary – Rs. 50,000-60,000
  • Accommodation or rental allowance.
  • Bonus after 6 months.
  • Free food in the office canteens.
  1. Defense Services

Officials of defense services are provided with better salaries and benefits compared to their city counterparts. These jobs come with high risk. The promotion features are one of the best. People can join these services through various exams like NDA, AFCAT, CDS, etc. A general idea of the salaries of a defense services officer is-

  • Starting salary at rank of Lieutenant- Rs. 55,000-60,000 + DA.
  • Nice accommodation.
  • Free ration.
  • Uniform allowance.
  • Maintenance allowance.
  • Transport allowance.
  • Pension.
  1. RBI Grade B

In terms of banking services, there is no better employer than the RBI. For starting a banking career, RBI Grade B is the best option. One can even be promoted to the level of Deputy Governor. The estimated salary of an RBI Grade B officer is around Rs. 18 lakh per annum. Some of the benefits which are offered-

  • Starting entry-level salary- RS. 66,000 + DA
  • Apartment in posh areas.
  • 180 liters of petrol/year.
  • Children’s education money.
  • Rs. 1 lakh, allowance for tours every two years.

Many more benefits such as maid allowance, study leave, laptop allowance, etc. make RBI the best organization to work in.

  1. PSU

Public sector undertakings are often preferred by engineers who do not like the corporate environment and lifestyle. PSU gives job security and outstanding salaries comparable to private sectors. The best organizations in the country like ONGC, BHEL, IOCL offer similar salaries with little modifications. The best way to get a job in PSUs is through GATE. The estimated salary is between Rs. 10-12 lakh. Breakout of salary is-

  • Salary excluding all allowance- RS. 52,000 +DA
  • Company accommodation
  • Shift allowance.

Other allowances such as House maintenance, Subsidized canteen, Transport subsidy, Laptop allowance, Furniture allowance, etc.

  1. Indian Forest Services

IFS is the best job for those who do not want city life, prefer to be one with nature and work around it. The officers are required to work in nature and with the wildlife. The life of an Indian forest service officer is full of adventure and wildlife occurrence. The officers are supposed to protect and look after the forest, and its wildlife including the mines and the activities in the areas which are protected, they also need to look after the forest dwellers. Visit this website to know more about Indian Forest Services and other such jobs. 

  • Starting salary is Rs. 50,000 +DA
  • Big house
  • Official vehicle and driver
  • Housemaids
  • Subsidized electricity

And many other perks are there for Group A officers.

  1. State Service Commissions

Exams like SDM, DSP, ETO, and many more are conducted by different states. The salary of state service commissions varies with the particular state, but on average, the pay is around Rs. 30,000- 45,000. Some of the benefits include-

  • Free medical care for the family.
  • Study allowance for children.
  • Official vehicle and driver.
  • Electricity allowance.
  1. Lecturers/Assistant Professors in Government Colleges

Teaching jobs are the most relaxed and peaceful jobs. This is the only profession in which you can enjoy vacations without any pay cuts. Assistant professors get a salary of about Rs. 35,000-1,00,000 at the start. The big institutes like IITs, NITs, etc. have higher salaries and reputations. Other perks and benefits are medical care, accommodation, laptop allowance, etc. are also given.

  1. ASO in Ministry of External Affairs

ASO in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is a Grade B post, and the candidates are selected through SSC, CGL exams. An ASO can get six Foreign postings, each posting having a maximum period of 3 years. A foreign language test is mandatory for foreign posting. Salary and benefits-

  • Salary varies between Rs. 1.25-1.8 lakhs
  • Government accommodation is provided
  • Free health care facilities in the best hospitals.
  • Official car with driver.