Published On : Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

‘He’s Crazy’ : GMCH patient set for psychiatric treatment for complaining against corruption

Patient alleges step motherly treatment and fleecing innocent patients


Doctors are regarded as next to Gods since they have the knowledge to cure sick and ailing patients. However, there is always an exception that proves the assumptions wrong. A 50-year-old man had gone to Government Medical College and Hospital for treatment of Proximal Humerus (Fracture of Shoulder Bone) of his right hand. However, due to doctor’s negligence, he had to be re-operated and a very stubborn infection persists. The patient is afraid of losing his hand if neglected.


The Injury:
The part of the Humerus closest to the shoulder is known as the ‘Proximal Humerus’. The Proximal Humerus or upper arm is a common site for a fracture (accounting for around 5% of all fractures). The patient identified as Sunil Manohar Gaikwad aged 50 years and a resident of Uday Nagar, Nagpur. He too incurred a fracture to his shoulder bone known in medical terms as ‘Proximal Humerus’. After the diagnosis, he was admitted to Ward No 1 on December 12, 2014 at 2 pm.

Nexus between doctors and private laboratories
On the eve of his operation a man from a private laboratory approached Sunil and informed him that a test has to be performed and since that test cannot be done at GMCH, he will have to pay Rs. 250/- for the said test. He was told that everybody has already paid the money for the test. Sunil, however asked him why was he inside the Government Hospital and who permitted him to collect the samples etc. He categorically refused to pay him alleging that the test cost only Rs 150 and why should he pay Rs 250/-. He also raised his voice and complained to the doctors and interns saying such practices should not be encouraged. This had virtually irked the doctors and interns since their regular commission may get affected if news of this nexus leaks. However, he was spared from getting the blood test done and was taken for operation the next day.


Again he was hassled by the doctors saying that since he does not belong to the Below Poverty Level family nor is he a Senior Citizen; hence he will have to pay for the operation. However, he wrote to the officials and got a sanction of Rs 10,500 covering the entire cost of the operation and treatment.

He was then operated on January 12, 2015 and fitted with a Phylous Plate and was discharged on December 16, 2014. He was called on December 22, 2015 to remove the stitches. On December 22, 2014, the stitches were removed and he was sent home. However, late in the night on December 30, 2014, Sunil found that a yellow coloured fluid was oozing out of his wound pointing out to the fact that the wound had acquired some infection. He rushed to GMCH early the next morning i.e. December 31, 2014 only to be diagnosed by doctors that his treatment has actually developed some infection. Sunil was readmitted to the ward. Sunil was again re-operated on January 6, 2015. On January 7, 2015, during the usual morning rounds, Dr Agrawal had prescribed some medicines. These included some antibiotics too. These medicines probably costed around Rs 400/- (Rs 250 per tablet and Rs 150 per tablet). However, the interns in the ward again said that since he is he does not belong to the Below Poverty Level family nor is he a Senior Citizen, he will have to pay for the costly medicines. The intern claimed that thee medicines are not available at Government Medical Store and will have to be procured on local purchase. This time again Sunil raised his voice and claimed that had he been operated and had there been no infection, he would never have to come back. He had alleged that it was only because of the negligent treatment that his wound developed infection. However, he was denied medicines. Having borne the harrowing experience for 2 days, he then wrote a detailed two-page letter to the Dean complaining about the ill-treatment and step-motherly treatment meted out to him. Till January 16, 2015, he is denied treatment since he refused to pay for the medicines for their negligent treatment. Having learnt of Sunil writing a letter to the Dean, the doctors who operated on him and the interns started misbehaving with him. They even came and reprimanded him for submitting a written complaint to the Dean. They had allegedly told him that one needs to be smart but being over-smart will prove to be detrimental for him.

Recommended to Psychiatrist

Patient Sunil had opposed the corruption and alleged nexus between doctors, officials and other private players. He had also started complaining about the neglect of basic amenities to patients and the lack of water in the toilet, the interns had told the doctor that the patient is becoming a headache to them. Irked by his constant complaints, the doctor had allegedly recommended the patient Sunil to a psychiatrist for evaluation. The psychiatrist had allegedly prescribed some sedatives to calm him.

Dean unaware of the nexus and folly happening in his hospital
When, Nagpur Today learnt of the plight of this patient Sunil, Nagpur Today went to meet the Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital Dr Abhimanyu Niswade. He claimed that he never received this letter. When Nagpur Today showed the rubber-stamp/seal of the In-ward office of the Dean’s office, he was surprised. He immediately called the clerk, who informed him that the letter might have gone to the Superintendent of GMCH. He maintained that he is not at all aware of what has happened to the patient. Dean asked Nagpur Today to give him just 24 hours to investigate the entire case and to set right the wrongs.

Nexus among officials and private players
Sources and patients alleged that many officials of GMCH are in nexus with private laboratories and chemist shops where they refer the patients. They allegedly receive a sizeable amount as commission.

Water scarcity makes using toilets harrowing experience for patients
Some of the patients alleged that the water is issued only once a day and till the water comes, they will have to use the water stored in a water tank. When that too gets exhausted, the patients use bandages or gauzes to clean themselves after defecating. However, Dean Dr Niswade denied this allegation and claimed that water is pumped and released twice and day and such a problem should not arise at all. He claimed that he will definitely look into the matter and get things working smoothly.

By – Samuel Gunasekharan & Ravikant Kamble