Published On : Sun, Jul 30th, 2017

Here now!! Technology made these things to carry UnderWater

Nagpur: Whether you’re looking to upgrade your diving gear, impress your friends with a brand new water toy, or capture perfect photos and videos of sea life, these hip underwater devices and accessories are sure to enrich your next subaquatic adventure.

If you’ve ever wanted to swim like a mermaid, snorkel without getting wet, or experience the ocean from the comfort of your own personal submarine, you’ll definitely want to check out my picks for the best underwater gadgets.

From innovative diving equipment and fun snorkeling gear to topnotch waterproof cameras and clever life-saving tools, you’ll find all sorts of cool goodies to make the most of your time beneath the sea.

1) GoPro HERO5 Black Underwater Camera

With its 4K video, user-friendly touchscreen interface, and built-in waterproofing (up to 33 feet/10 meters without housing), GoPro HERO5 Black is no doubt one of the best underwater cameras out there. This new model is packed with tons of innovative features – including voice control, electronic image stabilization, and simple one button control – making it perfect for your next snorkeling or scuba diving adventure.

2) Seaseeker Underwater Scuba Mask for Snapchat Spectacles

Turn your Snapchat Spectacles into underwater goggles with SeaSeeker. Created by Royal Caribbean, this cool waterproof scuba mask lets divers snapchat their experience deep below the ocean’s surface and showcase it directly on their Snapchat account. The stylish goggles allow for 30 minutes of underwater filming at depths of up to 150 feet (46m), but if you want to try them, you’ll have to embark on a cruise, as for now, they are only available for Royal Caribbean guests.

3) Suunto D4i Novo Dive Computer

A stylish lightweight design and a bunch of cool new features make Suunto D4i Novoan excellent all-around dive computer for all levels of adventure. This updated version of the popular Suunto D4i comes with a slick and soft silicone strap, optional wireless air integration, and four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Freedive, and Gauge.

4) H2O Ninja Mask

If you can only buy one piece of snorkeling gear, make it the H2O Ninja Mask. Unlike the traditional mouthpiece, this revolutionary device covers your entire face, allowing you to breathe normally underwater. Thanks to its shatterproof polycarbonate lens designed to resist fogging, the high-quality full-face snorkel mask affords unobstructed 180-degree views of the sea life around you.

5) AirBuddy Tankless Dive System

Billed the smallest and lightest diving gear in the world, AirBuddy combines the thrill of diving with the ease and simplicity of snorkeling for an unrivaled subaquatic adventure. The system features a unique tankless design with a floating air compressor and a rechargeable battery, letting users dive at depths up to 12 meters for up to 45 minutes.

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