Published On : Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

HERD holds Poster Competition to celebrate World Environment Day

HERD, an NGO run by Dr. Amol Deshmukh of Congress and Dr. Sucheka Deshmukh, celebrated the W.E.D. very innovatively in their office.

The Deshmukhs and the HERD employees and Internees numbering over 30, played games that demonstrated practically that the whole Earth is one eco system in which trees, animals, human beings have to exist in harmony with soil, air and water. If they are damaged beyond repair, life on the planet will not exist either.

A poster competition was also held for everyone in which original drawings, print outs, Google downloads, all were permitted as long as they conveyed the message about conserving and protecting environment.

The judges who surveyed the posters and decided on the winners were: Sunita Mudaliar, Associate Editor of Nagpur Today, Swapnil Chandak, C.A. and Abhijeet Dixit Finance Advisor.

Prizes were won by

First Prize – Lokesh Dwivedi, second Prize – Ankur Gupta, third Prize (Tie) – Nisha Mishra & Sunita Shukla and Consolation Prize – Chandrakala Maru.

All the posters were created very imaginatively to spread awareness and information about how Environment Change is happening due to our depleting Ozone layer and emission of toxic gases and the measures we can take to control it.

There were posters about butterflies dying in huge numbers due to sudden climate change, damage to soil and environment due to chemicals, perils of deforestation, and killing of wild animals.

There were also positive posters espousing the cause of going organic, recycling of waste, rescuing animals, saving electricity and planting trees.

NT is proud to have been a small part of this wonderful enterprise!