Published On : Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Helmet rule comes to screeching halt, thanks to Nagpur politics!

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Nagpur: That helmet rule has fizzled out in Nagpur is now known to everyone, and the suspense that looms large over the inaction of traffic cops after heavy drive on single day i.e. on February 8, has been raising series of questions among the citizens!

Sources said the drive which started with a bang has now gone down with a thud, and the political circles are said to be the reason behind picking up and taking down the drive. Even Nagpur collector Sachin Kurve has now voiced his concern over wearing helmet in a rather changed tone. He said that helmet should not be seen as a rule but it should be wore for safety.

Insiders claimed that owing to much political pressures and a massive wave of opposition from the citizens, the state transport minister Diwakar Raote is forced to tone down the rule of wearing helmet.

On February 8, action against more than 7,000 two-wheeler riders was taken for not wearing helmet. With the fear of getting caught many people bought new helmets. But the action on this compulsion is not seen since last 10 days.. This has led to people coming out on streets keeping their helmets at home.

After 2008, the traffic cops initiated drive for wearing helmet while driving two-wheeler and a trend of buying new helmets in huge quantities was seen. But there were agitations in the city as no time was given to buy the helmets and the compulsion was immediately implemented. The police then shifted their focus to the car-drivers not wearing the seat belts, fancy number plates and people jumping signals. Some of the officials stated that the checking would begin from February 15. While other official claimed that the action is being taken on more than 100 people every day, but no official numbers were given about the same.

But the reality on the road is totally different. Even if the police are on duty, they do not stop the ones not wearing the helmets. Instead they stop the ones not wearing seat-belts or those talking on phone. This is now a regular scene on the roads, while those who didn”t buy the helmet till now seem to be pretty happy about it.

Questions raised on actions by RTO

There are three Regional Transport Offices in the city. But except the city RTO office, there is no information of action from other RTOs. One of the senior officials stated that only ` 100 fine is being imposed on helmet rule violators. He also stated that for namesake action is being taken against 10-15 people. stated the official on condition of anonymity.