Published On : Mon, May 16th, 2016

Heat ruins weekend, Mercury crosses 45 degree Celsius in city

450109-heat-waveNagpur: An intensely furious sun ruined the Sunday of Nagpurians as the temperature maintained its steady incline on the fourth consecutive day. The mercury rose 0.1 degree on Sunday as the meteorological department recorded 45.7 degree Celsius on the weekend. The scattered clouds only worsened the weather by generating irritating humidity. The citizens were seen wiping sweat from their brows during last three days.

Chandrapur remained hottest city of Vidarbha for the second day running on Sunday, with temperature here as high as 45.8o C. The meteorological department informed that entire Vidarbha region is affected by sweeping heat wave and scattered clouds increasing humidity. A low pressure zone is forming over the Bay of Bengal but experts believe that this will not affect Vidarbha immediately.

On Sunday, temperature was 45.3o C in Akola, 45.2o C in Wardha, 45.1o C in Bramhapuri, 44.8o C in Gondia, 43.4o C in Amravati and 41.8o C in Washim.

Deserted roads

The intense heat has compelled Nagpurians to remain indoor between 12 noon to 4 pm and even birds prefer not to venture in the hot sky. Whatever breeze is there, is too hot to handle and is sure to cause sun stroke. Man and animals alike are avoiding direct contact with sun in May.

The intensity of the heat can be gauged from the fact that temperature crossed 40.07o C at 10.30 am itself. Reports from meteorological department reveal that on Sunday by 9 am, temperature crossed 36o C and by 12 noon, it touched 42.4o C. By 1 pm, temperature was 44.2o C, and by 3 pm it was 45.7o C. The night temperature too has increased. On Sunday, the minimum temperature was recorded two degree above average at 29.4o C. Mercury crosses 45 degree Celsius in city Chandrapur hottest at 45.8o C