Published On : Wed, Jun 3rd, 2020

HC grants anticipatory bail to man accused of attempt to kill cop

Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court

Nagpur: Justice V M Deshpande at Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court while hearing the matter through video conferencing has granted anticipatory bail to Sheikh Ayub Sheikh Yusuf of Vihirgaon, Anjangaon Surji, District Amravati.

The accused Sheikh Ayub Sheikh Yusuf was apprehending his arrest at the hands of Police Station, Rahimapur, District amravati for offence punishable sections U/S 307, 353, 379, 279, 34 Of IPC read with Sec 3 of Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act Vide Crime No 21/2020.

The prosecution case in brief is that the informant he is working as a police constable in PS Rahimapur. It is alleged by the informant that, on 14-02-2020, while informant and other persons were patrolling for prohibition raid, he has seen present applicant on motorcycle and alleged that, he was keeping a watch on police. It is further alleged that, thereafter informant has seen 4 tractors coming towards them and when police party tried to stop the tractors, drivers of those tractors tried to kill police party by attempting to run the tractors over them. It is alleged that, in the process, one tractor along with its driver was caught by police and police party tried to catch hold of other tractors but other 3 tractors were successful in fleeing away. It is further alleged that, on questioning the driver of the tractor, he told his name as Ashok Bhambhukar and tractor was filled with 1 brass of sand. That, he further disclosed that, applicant was owner of one of the tractor.

It was submitted that, story in the FIR appears to be farfetched. It is submitted that, as per the story of prosecution, while one of the tractors was caught, other 3 tractors even on chase by private vehicle by police party were successful in fleeing. It is submitted that, such allegations seem to be far from reality as tractor which has negligible speed cannot run away when it is chased by private vehicles run by police party.

It was submitted that, the only allegations against the applicant is that, co-accused in police custody has disclosed that, applicant was piloting the tractors filled with sand.

Taking into consideration the submissions made, Sheikh Ayub was granted anticipatory bail.

Adv Mir Nagman Ali appeared for Sheikh Ayub Sheikh Yusuf.