Published On : Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Have funds to modernize and equip city police with modern gadgets: Bawankule

• Guardian Minister Bawankule inaugurates Tantra-Tech Expo-2016
• Nagpur Police’s attempt to create awareness among citizens about various crimes and preventive methods.


Nagpur: Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule while addressing the audience said that the Nagpur City Police have chosen Chatrapati Shivaji Jayanti – a right day to hold Tantra: The Tech Expo-2016. He went on to elaborate about the need to modernize the police. He said that creating awareness through this Tantra: The Tech Expo-2016 among the masses about the modern equipments, arms and vehicles will explain about the working of the city police.IMG_0074


Bawankule went on to tell how the Chief Minister is personally monitoring the police action in the city. He lauded the city police for their achievements in their operation to rid the city from criminals and offenders in the last one month. He congratulated Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, Additional Commissioner of Police Shrikant Tarwade and all the Deputy Commissioners of Police of all the zones.
The Guardian Minister exclaimed that if more and more people visit the Tantra: The Tech Expo-2016, they will get a first-hand knowledge about the various modern developments that have come about including CCTV cameras, electronic security doors, modern software available on the mobile phones that can help in safe-guarding one-self, family and property.IMG_0147

He went on to say that he is ready to procure any modern gadgets, equipments or any others such goods that can help the Nagpur city police to perform their role effectively. He claimed that he would be glad even if one more person, one family or one property is made secure by the police personnel using these modern gadgets and equipments.IMG_0162
Bawankule lauded the Nagpur city police led by Commissioner of Police S P Yadav and the able senior officials including all the Deputy Commissioners of Police in maintaining law and order with their limited personnel. He said that the crime is very much under control with heir cogent action.IMG_0208

Booklet with vital info should reach every house
Bawankule then spoke about the Tantra: The Tech Expo-2016 Booklet that was released during his visit to the expo. He said that this booklet should reach every house in the city since it is very educative to the citizens. He said that the booklet explains how citizens can prevent in becoming victims of cyber crime, economic offenses, taxation laws etc. He asked Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Sharma and Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepali Masirkar to make arrangements to ensure that more copies of the booklet are printed and reached to every house in the city. He added that he would take an initiative in this drive and would provide all the funds and infrastructure to do that.IMG_0097

Bawankule moots a musical programme for Police Welfare
Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule while claiming that he has already procured the permission of the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis urged all the top police officials of Nagpur City Police to organize a big musical event for the welfare of Nagpur city police personnel.

Every citizen must visit the expo

Earlier Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Sharma addressed the audience and said that this expo is in sync with the Maharashtra State Government’s objective of making the state equipped with e-governance. DCP Ranjan said that more and more people should visit the expo in order to equip themselves with the knowledge of how police works, about the latest cyber crimes and methods that one can take in becoming victims.
DCP Sharma went on to explain how this expo will also work towards establishing and maintaining a good police-public inter-personal relationship. He said that this expo will help us in creating awareness about how the citizens can aid the police is effective prevention of crime, detection of crime and penalizing of offenders. He went to describe the various stalls where a citizen can learn about the role of forensic staff and department in detection of crime.
He thanked the Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule for encouraging and lending his support in organizing this Tantra: The Tech Expo-2016.


The programme concluded with Deputy Commissioner of Police Deepali Masirkar in giving the vote of thanks.

Pro-active steps to curb crime: CP
With the existing staff, to police a city with lakhs of people is one of the biggest challenge for the Nagpur city Police. Where the common citizen expects the cops to be physically present everywhere. While speaking to Nagpur Today, Commissioner of Police (Nagpur City) S P Yadav said that the big task for the Nagpur Police in this year is to ensure a criminal free city. He added that each Deputy Commissioner of Police of each zone has taken very special interest in the policing of their area and have started the creation of dossiers of each known offenders and criminals. This has worked well in getting many penalized.

The attempt of Nagpur City Police in creating an awareness of the exemplary work that they do each day, the equipments, the modern vehicles, the arms and ammunitions, the preventive gears, the modern equipments and programmes to detect software theft and cyber crime, Forensic support in investigation of scene of crime etc.

Pics by Vinay Nimgade