Published On : Sun, Jun 2nd, 2013
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Have Delhi police brought down the “Chhotu” target from their radar? Talk is hot over arrest

The “Big Chhotu”, one of the most powerful bookies in Orange City, was reportedly arrested from a building near Telephone Exchange Square on Friday (May 31) by the Delhi police. However, the confirmation could not be ascertained.

Nagpur News:  The long and the iron-clad arms of Delhi police succeeded in nabbing the most-wanted bookie of Nagpur – “Chhotu” Agrawal, finally. The “Big Chhotu”, one of the most powerful bookies in Orange City, was reportedly arrested from Telephone Exchange Square on Friday (May 31). Moreover there are “hot murmuring” making rounds about another powerful bookie being arrested apart from “Chhotu”. However, neither the Nagpur police nor Delhi police have confirmed or denied the arrest of another bookie.

However, even the arrest of “Chhotu” is doubtful. But the talk over his arrest is being hotly debated by the bookie circle. The other bookies, too, are embroiled in a terrible dilemma over the arrest. The report is based on his imminent arrest by the Delhi police.


The war against powerful bookies and some cricket players was waged by country’s  police forces when shameful IPL-6 Spot Fixing was exposed by the Delhi police with arrest of S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and , Ajit Chandlia of Rajasthan Royals for spot-fixing the IPL matches. Now, almost 40-odd bookies from various parts of the country have been arrested including very very big names.

The Delhi police might announce the arrests after reaching the capital city. It may be recalled after the key bookie of Nagpur Sunil Bhatia tossed up “Big Chhotu’s” name during interrogation, the “Chhotu” appeared on the radars of Delhi police and Nagpur police as well. And, since then, the police were targeting the “Chhotu” object to bring him down and trap in their nets. As soon as Sunil Bhatia was arrested, the “Big Chhotu” anticipated his days are over, vanished from the scene.

But in this era of hi-tech, Delhi police tracked his mobile phone signals, and succeeded in netting the radar object, finally. The Nagpur’s ‘fixing’ circle was agog with arrest of “Mr. Chhotu” since Friday evening. The all powerful bookie was arrested from a building near Telephone Exchange. The Delhi police immediately left for their destination after nabbing the bookie.

The “Chhotu’s” arrest created tremors in the vicious circle of cricket betting business. Many “noted” persons involved in the filthy betting deals have started feeling the touch of iron hands of police, and, might be, carrying out exercise of reaching out to more powerful personalities in various fields on whose connivance they were till now enjoying the “fixing” fruits.

The “Chhotu” is not small as far as assets are concerned. The bookie has bounty of properties in crores at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Raipur apart from the Orange City. But according to sources, the bookies who are hotly pondering over arrest of “Chhotu Bhai”, have more properties than the arrested bookie.

The ghost of Spot-Fixing has spread its shadows to such a dreadful proportion in India, and even other parts of the cricketing world that no bookie is daring to open his shop during upcoming Champions Trophy to be played in England fromJune 6. All bookies who are still out of police dragnet are not even thinking to stay at homes and watch the TV thinking a tap on doors might be of police thus creating a great depression on Spot-Fixing front. The tremors are so strong they are not risking to bring their heads in open and have gone underground notwithstanding that the tremors first hit the underground. The determined police could easily enter into underground world of bookies.

The arrest of eminent players and bookies has left the remaining bookie take shelter at their places of choice. Some are running helter-skelter from one place to another to escape the police dragnet. Most of the bookies have headed to Andhra Pradesh and have managed local SIM cards. From there they are monitoring the activities of Nagpur and Delhi police and other related business.

The most important side effect the IPL 6 Spot-Fixing episode has created is all the transactions in crores have been left at it is. The people who own money from bookies have been running from pillar to post for pocketing their bounty but the “smart” bookies, who have successfully dodged police, have been beyond reach of the common betters. On the other aspect, the bookies who have to recover the bounty from betters, are facing the problems of a unique kind. If the bookies approach the persons from whom they have to recover their share are not taking risk of coming out in day light. The betters might move the police and lodge a complaint, is the dreadful fact the bookies are anticipating.

Silence, inaction of Income Tax Department most shocking, perplexing

The most disgraceful and awful part of the entire dubious episode of IPL Spot-Fixing is the radio silence and outrageous inaction on the part of Income Tax Department in Nagpur, and even, nationwide. The dark side of IPL was exposed about three weeks ago and the Delhi police have arrested several culprits from across the nation.

Then why the Income Tax Department is immobile like a python which stays stagnant after swallowing a big prey? Have the Income Tax Department turned a python after devouring a big bounty? This question is fiddling the minds of common citizens. The answer, however, lies with I-T Department only. And they should come clean on the issue as soon as possible.

According to reports, leave alone bookies nation-wide, the 8 Nagpur bookies illegally possess properties approximately valued at Rs 10,000 crore the fact the Income Tax Department is selectively neglecting. When an Income Tax Officer was submitted a complaint against a bookie his answer was baffling than than the episode. “Income Tax doesn’t act against illegally possessed assets. It is the duty of police to take action against the particular person,” the IT official said. Then why the Income Tax raids.

It is seen the Income Tax Department acts against builders, businessmen, Bollywood actors and others the Government wants to harass. But not a single raid on top Government, police officials or private personalities like bookies has been recorded. And the answer of the Income Tax officer will undoubtedly encourage other people to amass disproportionate assets as they are not covered by the Income Tax Department . The police can be managed, men in dubious business know very well. Then go ahead and amass assets without fear or worry. Very good Income Tax Department. Keep it up.