Published On : Fri, Oct 16th, 2015

Haryana CM’s statement infringes the liberty of Indian citizens


The statement of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Friday became so viral that the BJP governance has once again been caught in irrelevant and unnecessary controversy, though his OSD Jawahar Yadav was witnessed explaining on TV channels the stand of CM Khattar. The statement has once again put Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an answerable situation because of world-wide condemnable statements made off and on by his irresponsible and insensible minister while the Prime Minister is busy in lifting up the face of the country in the world.

Political pundits and knowledgeable sources started piling criticism after criticism on Khattar for his such an irresponsible statement, as, “Muslim rahein, magar is desh mein beef khaana chhodna hi hoga unko. Yahan ki manyata hai”…(Muslims can live in this country, but have to give up beef. This is the recognition of this land).


If Muslims do not live in this land (India), where they will (should) go, and which land will (should) accept them, and why they should go, as every land on the globe is gripped by over-population and its sovereignty as well as political bias. Why is India not the land of Muslims? Who will answer it authentically? Does India belong to Khattar or his ancestors alone? Are Muslims not equally responsible for establishment and identity of India, having the Constitution based on secular values with rights to equality and freedom amidst so many other privileges. Who can forget the significant role of Muslims among others like Parsees in the freedom of India? Have Muslims not fought shoulder-to-shoulder for freedom of India, even much before Khattar came into birth on this land? Have Muslims not made India proud of various achievements? Are Muslims not the breath, blood and bones of India, even if one takes their birth and population into consideration? Who cannot understand, like certain fanatics, the meaning of Dr Mohammad ‘Allama’ Iqbal’s lines, as, “Mazhab nahi sikhata apas mein bair rakhana, Hindi hain hum vatan hai Hindostan hamara hamara….Sare jahan se achcha Hindostan hamara…” and several other compositions made even by others to keep the humanity united and prospering under peace and love, irrespective of caste and creed?

Like Devil’s children some berserk persons make some idiotic statements, just to disturb the peaceful climate which has been, and will be, craving for social integrity and communal harmony. Devil’s committed oath may be observed in these lines…”Jab kabhi aman ki insan ne kasam khayi hai; lab-e-iblees pe halki si hansi ayee hai”….(Whenever a human has taken oath of peaceful existence, a slight smile has surged on the lips of Devil). Holy Bible or Holy Quran is based on confrontation of God with Devil or Satan, and so are all other religions endowed with a clash between good and evil, and man is advised to choose good or virtue and shun evil. Moreover, every democratic rule recommends peaceful co-existence and multicultural cooperation, otherwise the nation is treated as an outcaste, and the entire world becomes its enemy, as we see in the case of certain Islamic State.

It is historically, theologically and also ethically true that Devil corrupts the conscience, and in the present scenario the Politics corrupts the conscience. Ben Jonson (a poet, essayist and writer, 1572, London) most appropriately writes in his Every Man in His Humour, as, “Politician is a quilted anvil on whose back Satan forges on sins of life.” In other words, it is the politics or politician who is the enemy of society of humans. The statement of Kahttar is similar to the statement made by Islamic State or the fundamentalist or the ill developed fanaticism.

What one should eat or not eat:

Who has given the right to Khattar and like-minded ones as to what one should eat and what one should not. There have been several resentments on this point by intellectuals, writers and individuals, etc. For Christians and Muslims, beef eating is not contraband; for them God has created it as their food. In Bible, when King Solomon’s lost son was recovered, he rejoiced and asked his men to slay of young calf and serve its meet to all just to celebrate the restoration of his son to him. There have been similar citations for Muslims as well. For the members of both the communities, beef is ‘sunnat’ (religiously approved) diet which is gift of God.

The beef is costlier in Arab countries while goat-meat is cheaper. In India, goat meat is costlier than beef. In India, beef is recommended by Hakims and Unaji doctors as a natural medicine for tuberculosis patients, and it also raises the level of platelets in human blood. Who can say whether the the beef is the meat of a cow or a bull? Poor Muslims in Poor India cannot afford to eat goat-meat, rather they go for beef which is cheaper. It supplies more proteins than vegetables do. The poor cannot afford to eat ‘tur’ daal which selling Rs 200 a kg.

If Hindus attach too much importance to cow, calling it ‘Gomata’ (mother cow), hating its flesh but loving its milk which comes out through the same flesh. It is mind-thudding to look at such an anomaly. Its their religious and emotional ideology which may not be the same for Muslims of Christians. For example, snakes are worshiped in Hindu scriptures, though at times, they do mind killing them including even Kobra (Nag Devata for Hindus). The same snake is considered a garb for Satan or Devil, and it is subject to hatred and even killing, for God (according to Bible) has cursed snake (Devil) that it shall be ever enemy of man; and the man shall crush the snake under his heels, and in turn the snake shall also bite the heels of man. In other words, there shall be a perennial enmity between man and snake. So, if a Christian or a Muslim kills a snake (for their religions are parallel), should it in any way affect or annoy the Hindus who worship snakes; Or should Christians not kill snakes because they are worshiped by Hindus?

It should not be forgotten that all religious scriptures were produced or they emerged in a given time, circumstance and geographical condition by the Will of Almighty. Therefore spatial or circumstantial differences are bound to occur. Why don’t Hindus react on sacrifice of a buffalo (big animal) of a goat (small animal) to Goddess Durga or Maha Kali Mata? They take its meat (beef) as ‘prasad’ in certain parts of the country. What would be a Hindu reaction on the fact that in certain parts of this country, like, in Nagaland or Assam, etc, dogs or pigs are preferred as diet of the feast, served to venerated guests.

It must not be forgotten again that every religion rests on the shoulders and heads of human beings who faithfully follow it, adores it upholds it, even at the caste of his personal loss or suffering. What will happen when mankind is wiped out on this earth? Who will then maintain temples and worship God? In Shirdi Sai Baba’s arati as composed by Das Ganu, a thought-stimulating line is written, as, “Jaeel Jaeel hey tan maazn, Mug kaisa Bhagawanta”….(once my body goes way, then what about God). What I wish to assert is that man or mankind in general must be regarded above religious constraints or narrowness.

Those who are born, or will live and die in a democratic set up, must consider humanity above all other considerations during life time, for Death alone can remove all differences, whatsoever. Son, we should consider the value of Life. The Avatar of Kali Yug, Sri Stya Sai Baba rightly says:- 1) There is only one religion–Religion of Love; 2) There is only one caste—Caste of Humanity; and There is only one God—Who is omnipresent in Mandir, Masjid, Girija, Gurudwara or any place for that matter. Moreover, the same God dwells in Hindus, Muslims, Christians and so on. Alas, the politicians could understand it!

– I P Singh