Published On : Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Hard work and good performance recognized at AGM of Round Table India’s Area-3 at Jaipur

AGM of NRT 83
: Every now and then, one needs to evaluate, assess the performance of last year, and learn from the mistakes, omissions and commissions so that they could achieve a better performance in the coming year. This evaluation also gives a performance appraisal and when something was achieved, the good performance is recognized by Senior Office-bearers and all other fellow organizations.

The Area-3 too had a performance appraisal in the Annual General Body meeting and the good work done by various tables were recognized and appreciated.

AGM of NRT 83
The Annual General Body Meeting of Area-3 of Round Table India was held recently at Jaipur. The Guest of Honour was National Secretary Tabler Dhruv Dalmia from Kanpur. This was the last area Annual General Body Meeting of the Undivided Area-3. With this AGM, the Area-3 has been bifurcated into Area-3 and Area-15. However, the Ladies Circle of Area-3 remains intact. The Ladies Circle too had their Annual General Body Meeting at Jaipur. The Guest of Honour was National President Circler Prachi Agrawal from Delhi.

AGM of NRT 83
The AGM was a very lively one with accounts passed, awards given, debates held and encouragement sessions held. Nagpur Round Table-83 won 6 awards including a Platinum Award for Publicity. Even the Ladies Circle-50 received an Award for Non-FTE Project and a Certificate of Merit for Publicity. The Nagpur Spirits Round Table-258 received a Silver Award for Best Fund Raising.

Tabler Rahul Agarwala takes over as Area Secretary and Treasurer of Round Table India’s Area-3. 

Many feathers on their hat

AGM of NRT 83
The Nagpur Round Table-83 received many awards including the following:

  • Platinum Award for Publicity: Tabler Sharad Agrawal was lauded for his efforts in publicity affairs among Nagpur media.
  • Gold Award for Best Fund Raising.
  • Silver Award for Best Project under Freedom Through Education (FTE)
  • Area-3 Chairman recognition for Tabler Rahul Agarwala (dubbed as Never Say No -Ever-ready for any assignment of RTI) and Tabler Piyush Daga (dubbed as 3 am friend-is on-line/ available on phone at any time-24hrs).
  • Area-3 also awarded for Highest Sales through Supply House. (Supply House is a Store of Round Table India where one could procure RTI Merchandize, Pins, Shirts, Shorts, T-Shirts, Jackets, and Belts etc.) The National Convener of Supply House Tabler Piyush Daga was awarded for the Highest ever National Sales through Supply House. He was awarded with “Salesman of the Year-Rocket Singh Award