Published On : Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

Haldiram’s chips pack shows future packing date; owner claims its tampered by blackmailer Nagulkar!

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A pack of Haldiram’s brand of banana chips bearing September 1, 2014 as its date of packaging, has been doing round in the city’s Whatsapp circuit since Sunday morning. The packet is claimed to have been bought on August 29, 2014. A lot of the concerned customers kept wondering over the authenticity of the said image forwarded to them.

However one of the Haldiram’s owners Rajendra Agrawal rubbished the claim as a blackmailing ploy by one Nagulkar, who he said, often come up with similar such tricks to extract money from them. “Haldiram’s does not resort to such practice. The date on the pack is tampered for sure, as it is the ink and can be easily erased and reprinted”, Agrawal told Nagpur Today.

The message along with the said image which went viral by Sunday evening, reads – “Haldiram packet purchased yesterday (29/08/2014).
Packing date on it is 01/09/2014…

Itna forward karo ki Haldiram bhi padhe…(Forward this message so much that it reaches Haldiram’s).”

Nagpur Today shares the image for its readers to have a look and gauge its authenticity. The 17 gms packet of Haldiram’s banana chips bears the batch number as 14G-128 [AC] and price print is Rs. 5.00.

However, Agrawal claimed ignorance over the whereabouts of the alleged blackmailer Nagulkar. “We don’t know who he is but he routinely plays such tricks. I have to check the pack and can be able to detail only after that”, quipped Agrawal and hanged on his cell.

Meanwhile, few of the customers reposed their faith in Haldiram’s, saying that their trust in the quality and authenticity of Haldiram’s products could not be shattered that easily.