Published On : Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017

Gujarat MLAs in Karnataka bust Jaitley’s claim that resort not raided, pleads to SC to take Suo Moto action

“We appeal to the Apex court of the country, to the Supreme Court, to ensure our safety and save us from the ‘Ravan’ and ‘Kansa’ who will stoop to any level to not allow us to return to Gujarat and vote for our party.”

One of the Gujarat Congress MLAs emerged from the resort near Banglore to make a statement to the media gathered outside.

He made a passionate plea to press people to ‘expose to India’s people what is going on in Karnataka’.

When asked if they would be shifted somewhere else, he asked “if we are not safe in a state ruled by our own party, if a Minister of this state can be treated like a common criminal who has committed a heinous crime, tell me where we will be safe?”

He also said ” we are not here on a holiday or to enjoy ourselves; it that was our aim we would have accepted the Rs. 15 crores from BJP to defect from Congress and enjoyed ourselves to the hilt. We would have taken our families on a world tour.”

Minister Shiv Kumar, a Congress heavy weight of Karnataka who will be crucial for the party in the coming Assembly elections, has meanwhile been ‘taken away’ by IT officials. 33 places connected to him have been raided so far.

“If the cases against him were pending for so long, could they not have waited for 3-4 more days to raid him? Just look at the timing of this action!” pleaded the MLA.

Congress party is speaking up about this in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in Delhi and also planning to move the SC for a free and fair poll including allowance of NOTA for Rajya Sabha elections on 8th August.

“Raid the BJP people who are offering Rs. 15 crores to Congress MLAs, find out where they got this money from?” said Gulam Nabi Azam.