Published On : Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

GST is not gift of BJP alone: Gadkari

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Nagpur: With the launch of Good and Service Tax (GST), the biggest tax reform since Independence, at the stroke of 12 midnight on June 30 at the Central Hall of Parliament, the Union Minister for Surface Transport and Shipping Nitin Gadkari said that the GST is not the gift of BJP alone. This is programme of Government. Congress Governments in the past have also been part of it. The GST Bill was passed in Parliament with the cooperation of almost all political parties.

Gadkari was speaking at India Today Midnight Conclave. He further said that GST will bring transparency and weed out black money in the country. The tax reform will also increase revenue of both the State Governments and the Centre. “There will be some initial hiccups in GST launch but the Government is prepared to tackle the challenges. Overall the GST will benefit the economy. The launch of GST will see 17 taxes and 22 other cess abolished,” the Minister pointed out.

“During the recent visit to United States by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, even President Donald Trump praised GST. To say that GST is being hurried upon is absolutely wrong. The process started long back. The Congress Governments in the past have also been part of it. We must also realise that plenty of taxes would be abolished after GST comes into effect. GST will also put an end to red-tapism, inspector raaj. The lower middle class will not be affected by GST on packed food products,” Gadkari said.

“Congress is opposing the midnight GST launch event at Parliament just for the sake of it. They are just doing politics,” he added. .