Published On : Wed, May 15th, 2024

Groundbreaking Rare Surgery Saves A Young Patient with Severe Flail Chest and Multiple Rib Fractures


In a medical breakthrough, doctors at Suretech Hospital, Dhantoli, Nagpur successfully performed a rare surgery to save a patient suffering from severe flail chest with multiple rib and should fractures following a significant road-traffic accident a few days back at a highway around MIDC-area of outskirts of Nagpur. The procedure, hailed as pioneering; offers hope for individuals with similar traumatic injuries.


Mrs. S. Kamble, a 31-year-old homemaker; was admitted at Suretech Hospital; Dhantoli following a devastating road-traffic accident. The impact left her with flail chest, a condition where a segment of the rib cage breaks under extreme force, cause compression of the underlying lung and a paradoxical movement during breathing. Additionally, she sustained an acute hemothorax, shoulder blade and collarbone fractures as well as several wounds over the body.; posing a significant threat to her life. She required oxygen and incurred severe pain on each breathing effort.

Led by city’s renowned thoracic surgeon Dr Shilpa Gandhi; the team embarked on a complex surgical intervention to stabilize Mrs. Kamble’s chest and restore functionally. The procedure involved meticulous reconstruction of fractured ribs using innovative titanium plates and screws of an advanced system, allowing for proper chest wall integrity with longer durability. Additionally, a keyhole procedure was also done (uniportal VATS) for clearance of the blood inside the chest and collarbone / shoulder surgeries by Dr Bhavesh Barde, the treating orthopedic surgeon.

“Mrs. Kamble was critical upon arrival. Her flail chest, extensive rib fractures and accumulation of blood in the chest; compromised her a ability to breathe independently and she suffered a few episodes of decrease in oxygen saturation. As soon as I received a call for opinion; I knew an immediate intervention was imperative,” stated Dr Shilpa Gandhi.

“The surgery lasted for a few hours; required precision, accurate planning and expertise. It is also a rare procedure performed in the city. Earlier such expertise was concentrated only in Tier-1 cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai etc. The success of this surgery highlights the importance of early referral, collaboration and innovation in healthcare and accessible expertise in Nagpur. It represents a significant advancement in the treatment of a severe chest trauma” added Dr Shilpa Gandhi.

Following the surgery; the patient improved drastically; her oxygen requirement disappeared, pain improved and respiratory function restored. “I am immensely grateful to the medical team at Suretech hospital and their skill and dedication for saving my life. I can’t thank them enough,” expressed the Mr. Kamble, filled with gratitude.

Such groundbreaking surgeries serves as a beacon of hope for individuals facing similar challenges, offering renewed possibilities for recovery and resilience.