Published On : Mon, May 2nd, 2016

Green tree falls near Meeta Neem Dargah

tree falls near Meeta Neem Dargah
The day started the same with extreme heat. Soon strong dusty winds blew all over the city. By late afternoon at around 3 pm, it started drizzling in some areas, while heavy rains were witnessed in many areas of Nagpur.

The unseasonal rains did bring much needed respite from intense heat to the citizens of Nagpur.

However, if it rains heavily, the farmers growing vegetables will have to face problems. Many vegetables like onion, which is ready to be taken or reaped will get spoilt. Other pulses and vegetables including ladies-finger etc will get spoilt. This will affect the cost of the vegetables in the city.

tree falls near Meeta Neem Dargah 2
However, the brief spell of rain infused a strange romantic atmosphere and many young lovers were spotted in Futala Lake and other cozy restaurants and coffee shopees.

Raining in Nagpur (3)
The strong winds felled a green tree near Meeta Neem Dargah. With the tree falling, the traffic came to a stand-still. The cops of Sitabuldi Police Station and the personnel of Fire Department rushed to the spot and cut off the branches to make way for the vehicular traffic.

Raining in Nagpur
Fortunately, the tree falling down did not damage any vehicle or life. Till the time of filing the story, slight rains to heavy showers were observed throughout Vidarbha.