Published On : Tue, Sep 19th, 2023

Grand facelift: Ajni Rly Station to have 4 new platforms

Nagpur: The ambitious transformation of Ajni Railway Station into a satellite terminal for Nagpur is well underway, with significant progress achieved in the development project. At an estimated cost of Rs. 45.33 crore, this project has now reached an impressive 30% completion milestone, signifying substantial advancements in enhancing the railway infrastructure of the region.

Ajni Railway Station, which currently comprises three platforms, is poised for a remarkable transformation with the construction of four new platforms. Each of these new platforms is designed to accommodate 26-coach length trains, significantly increasing the station’s capacity and operational efficiency.


The focal point of this project is the construction of four additional platforms, ensuring that Ajni Railway Station can handle a greater volume of train traffic seamlessly. This expansion is set to ease congestion and enhance the overall travel experience for passengers.

In addition to platform expansion, the project includes the construction of four new stabling lines equipped with secondary maintenance facilities. These facilities will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of trains, contributing to the overall efficiency of the station.

To enhance train examination capabilities, a new Pit line will be constructed. The development plan encompasses the construction of service buildings dedicated to mechanical works. A 500-meter-long Cover over shed will be erected on one of the platforms. The project incorporates the establishment of a coach watering facility for improved train services.

Connectivity and accessibility will be enhanced with the construction of 2 new Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) linking the 4 newly proposed platforms. All contracts for the construction of civil works, new platforms, platform covers, washing pit lines, stabling lines, coach watering pathways, and service buildings have been awarded. The construction of service buildings, specifically for mechanical works, has been successfully completed.

A 520-meter-long washing pit line, out of a total of 585 metres, has been completed, with track linking to the yard currently in progress. A 300-meter-long drain for the platform, out of a planned 600 meters, has been successfully constructed. Track linking for 400 meters each for the 4 stabling lines has been completed.

Tenders for Overhead Equipment (OHE) and Electrical work have been awarded. The project to remove obstructions affecting Signalling and Telecom infrastructure is currently in progress. Upon the project’s completion, the addition of new platforms at Ajni Railway Station will significantly enhance train mobility within the Nagpur area, alleviating congestion and ensuring smoother rail operations. This transformative development aligns with the railway’s commitment to improving passenger and freight services in the region.