Published On : Tue, Jun 24th, 2014

Graduate Constituency Results : Anil Sole adds crowning glory to BJP with thumping win

IMG-20140624-WA0015Nagpur News.

Mayor Anil Sole garnered 29,936 votes in the 4th round to fetch an absolute majority in Graduate Constituency elections 2014. His close competitor Dr Babanrao Taywade of Congress secured 20343 votes in the similar round and Kishore Gajbiye drew 18,526 votes to his favour.

As soon as Mayor Anil Sole was declared as having won the polls, the desperately waiting crowd erupted into joyous celebration outside the counting venue. Crackers were burst, and the popular Sandal Drums went into action. The supporters were seen dancing amidst loud burst of cheers.

Talking to Nagpur Today, Mayor Anil Sole said that he is happy that BJP has won once again. He thanked All Teachers’ organizations, Universities’ employees and their organization, Technical Educational Organisations, Graduate students and working professionals, social, political, business organizations for their support and the trust and faith that they have shown in him and for having elected him once again.

While speaking of his future plans for the Graduate Constituency, he said that he will fulfill all that he had promised in his election manifesto. He said that one of the major problems is that of Educated Unemployment. He said that once upon a time, educated people were respected a lot. Today they are not only because they are unemployed. This deterioration in the value of educated masses has occurred in the last 30 years. He assured to resolve that by creating an ideal atmosphere for generation of employment opportunities in the entire Vidarbha region. He said that this is my duty to ensure that something positive is done about the chaos that exists in the University. He said that he will try and sort things among the officials and authorities while adhering to the orders of the High Court.


He said that he gives credit for his victory to Nitin Gadkari. I have won because of the good work done by Nitin Gadkari for the last 18 years.

MLA Devendra Fadnavis told Nagpur Today that, this seat has traditionally been with BJP. This victory of Anil Sole is because of Nitin Gadkari being very vocal about the problems faced by Graduates. This victory just goes on to prove the trust and faith people have on BJP. This also reflects that Anil Sole is popular among the educated class.

This massive one sided win shows that people trust us to perform better in the coming days. He went on say that their next plan is to contest for the Vidhan Sabha elections. Fadnavis said that they will win Vidhan Sabha polls too. They want to change the Government of Maharashtra.

When asked if he intends to contest for the CM’s post, he said that the Central Leadership will decide that.

MLA Vikas Kumbhare said that this victory is attributed to the hard work of all the activists and workers of BJP party. He said that the Modi wave has continued to influence people.

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