Govt cheating Dhangar community, says Ramrao Wadkute

Vidhan Bhavan, Nagpur
Nagpur: MLA Rmarao Wadkute accused the government of false promises and cheating the Dhangar community from years togethers . He was participating in a discussion on Dhanghar community’s reservation demand. He said, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had framed the Indian constitution and also prepared the list of tribal castes. The Dhangar community’s name was there but due to the incorrect word they have been deprived of the resevation since 65 years. They have asking the governments to correct the mistake but no steps have been taken. The government has just been asking to keep faith but doing nothing. The government just has to give a recommendation letter and things will be done.

The people have come to know that with help of Dhangar community they come to power. In Baramati the chief minister had assured and the community believed . This not happened once but several times. Only committees keep studying with zero outcome. In reality there is no need to study as Dr Ambedkar has already mentioned in the constitution. The name of the community is there in the list but instead of Dhangar it has been spelt Dhangad. The only to be done is correction in the word. Whether government is going to give us recommendation letter or not that is a main point, Ramrao Wadkute said.