Published On : Thu, Feb 27th, 2014

Goons house-arrest Kothari family at knife point for hours; flee with valuables worth Rs 6 lakh

Kothari's Bunglow in civil lines where robbery took place

Kothari’s Bunglow in civil lines where robbery took place

Nagpur News.

In a glaring case of mistaken identity, some unidentified thieves mistook a family for a renowned jeweler and house-arrested the members at knife point for couple of hours before fleeing away with cash and valuables worth Rs 6.20 lakh from their house located in Civil Lines. Sitabuldi police have registered the case under Sections 397, 342 and 452 of the IPC. The entire episode resemble the harrowing tale of some Bollywood thriller, in which, these real life criminals not only dodged the women in the family to get into their house but also tricked in the head of the family and his friend when they were returned home later in the day. The tale of agony lasted for few hours for the entire Kothari family on Wednesday. Entire episode has been recorded in the CCTV camera installed at the house and cops are filtering in the footage to reach the robbers.

As per the reports six people in their youth entered the bungalow of Ujjwal Lalit Kothari aged 36 years on Temple Road, in the lane adjacent to Labour Court in Civil Lines here.


According to sources, the youth struck the house when the wife and daughter of Ujjwal Kothari were alone in the house. The youth rung the door-bell and hid in such a manner that Kothari’s wife could not locate them from the peep-hole.  The moment she opened the door to check out, one of the thieves trained a knife at her throat and warned her against making any noise. All of them took the members inside the house and locked it from inside. They also threatened both the women against shouting or making any noise.

Reports added that the men possessed sharp edged weapons and fire-arms. While two youths huddled the mother-daughter duo to one corner of the house, the other youths went searching for cash, jewellery and easily saleable goods in the house. They tracked out gold and silver ornaments from the bedroom almirah, Rs 3.45 cash and a wrist watch collectively worth Rs 6.20 lakh.

At around 8 pm, Ujjwal Kothari, a beetle-nut deaker returned home along with his friend after closing his establishment. Sensing danger, the thieves immediately drew a trick inspired from the Bollywood movie. Taking the daughter on knife point, they asked her mother to open the door and let the men in without sounding any alert to them.

Two youths hid behind the door. As soon as the door opened, Ujjwal and his friend too were taken at the knife point.

After  looting  all the goods, the thieves, bolted  the  door  from  outside  and  fled the  scene  on  their  motorcycles.  So shaken up were the family members that they ventured out only after an hour of the incident. Later, they called up their friends and relatives. Ujjwal  then reported  the  incident  at  Sitabuldi  police.

Robbers wanted to kill women

Ujjwal’s wife Priyanka informed that the thieves wanted to loot a jewellery dealer, instead they mistakenly broke into the house of Ujjwal Kothari. Priyanka tried to convince the thieves that they were in a wrong house but it appeared that destiny had decided to drop hard luck on them. The thieves locked Priyanka and her daughter into a room before fleeing the scene. The cops informed that there were CCTV cameras installed in the house which recorded the theft. The thieves discovered the cameras and then broke them. The thieves wanted to kill Priyanka and her daughter as they were eye-witnesses but later changed their mind and fled away.

Cops have launched a massive manhunt for the thieves but were unable to hunt them down till filing of the report.