Published On : Mon, Jan 9th, 2017

Good and consistent service is the success mantra for service Industry


Marketing forum of Vidarbha Industries Association had organized a panel discussion on the topic ‘How to market and brand your service business’ at VIA recently. Renowned panelists from the city, namely, Dr. Sapna Sharma, Sneha Dhobley, Nidhi Gandhi and Sarang Upganlawar were there for the panel discussion.

Dr. Sapna Sharma, Career Counselor, said that the person offering the service is of great importance as that brings the much needed genuineness that people seek. She said that people should have faith and confidence in the person offering the service. An emotional connect with your client is of utmost importance, she mentioned. She also added that in today’s digital era enough online presence is important for your clients to reach out to you. She highlighted that services are meant to make people’s life easier.

Nidhi Gandhi, renowned fashion Designer said that after realizing that the city was lacking in fashion house that can deliver fashion of one’s dream she entered the sector to fill that gap. She added that she believes in having online presence and thus has her website. She also uses social media to reach out to her target audience. She added that in service sector, print ads and exhibitions do not solve the purpose. She added that positive word of mouth has worked for her.

Sneha Dhobley, Renowned makeup artist shared her story with one and all present. she said that there was lack of good Salon in the city which provided good service with hygiene. This lead her to become franchisee business partner with Lakme Lever Pvt. Ltd. She said that in service sector, it is important to win and maintain client’s trust. Speaking about her marketing strategy, she said that content marketing works well for service Industry as it educates and brings about awareness in clients.

Sarang Upganlawar, Director, ICAD, said that in service sector, satisfied customer is most important as they are the brand ambassadors of your brand. He further added that such satisfied customers spread positive word of mouth which in turn helps you to increase your business. He said that branding and result both are important for success in service sector. Emotional support is also of great importance for the clients in service sector.

At the outset, Shilpa Agrawal, Chairperson, VIA Marketing Forum gave the opening remarks and highlighted the topic for panel discussion. Welcome address was given by Suresh Rathi, Vice President, VIA. The panelists were welcomed with floral compliments by Shilpa Agrawal and Suresh Rathi. The panel discussion was moderated by Akash Agrawal, Chairperson,VIA ED forum. The proceedings and introduction of panelists was done by Shikha Khare, Convener, VIA Marketing forum. This program received an overwhelming response and was attended by Professionals, students, businessman, retailers, Industrialists in large numbers.