Published On : Sat, Aug 17th, 2019

GoAir Flight to Bangkok Makes U-turn After 2 Hrs as Crew Forgets Navigation Charts

New Delhi: A Bangkok-bound GoAir flight with 146 passengers on board made a mid-air u-turn to the national capital as the crew forgot to take navigation chart with them. Reports claimed that the flight was scheduled to take off from Delhi at 7:15 AM but it landed back in capital city at around 9:30 AM. Around noon, the same flight took off again and landed safely at Bangkok with all 146 passengers on board.

If reports are to be believed, the budget carrier had changed the aircraft at the last moment due to some technical issue and the replacement aircraft was not carrying required approach and navigation charts for Bangkok.

The GoAir A320neo aircraft — VT WJA — with 146 passengers on board landed back in New Delhi after the crew realised that the required approach and navigation charts for Bangkok had not been put in place on board the aircraft before departure.

All aircraft are equipped with these charts for navigational purposes at airports. This particular aircraft was recently delivered to GoAir and normally dedicated to operating within India on domestic routes,” a GoAir spokesperson said.

“It was swapped with the original aircraft to operate the Bangkok flight due to maintenance requirements and during that process the update of the navigation charts did not happen. Taking safety into account, the pilot elected to return to Delhi to ensure that the required navigation charts were on board,” he added.