Published On : Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012

GMC to get Otoacoustic Emissions Machine

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Nagpur Medical News: Children suffering auditory defect since birth is increasing day by day. According to estimates, three children with auditory defects are born per 1000. The Government Medical College in order to detect auditory defect at the time of birth itself had sent a request to the office of the Medical Director for acquiring an Otoacoustic Emission  Machine has received a green signal. The main issue is that this defect doesn’t come into light at least till the child is 3 months old. So that the defect may be detected at he earliest, the machine should be available with the ENT department of the GMC where around 200 patients visit each day. Out of the 200 patients, the number of children with this defect is more. The cochlear is said to be the most important part of the ear as it is connected directly with the brain. If there is some defect in the cochlear, the child loses the ability to hear. If this defect is detected in infancy, a cochlear implant is possible which can give hope to such children.

Tushar Muthal