Girish Mahajan objects to bringing of lathi in House

Dhangar, Jayant Patil and Dhananjay Munde
Nagpur: NCP MLA Jayant Patil wearing the attire of Dhangar community and with ‘lathi’ in his hand made a stunning entry in the house. Following him were the NCP MLAs raising slogans. Ajit Pawar and Dilip Walse Patil welcomed him while on the other hand Minister Girish Mahajan objected to bringing of ‘lathi; in the house and demanded that the speaker ask him to keep the lathi outside the house as it was illegal to bring it in house.

On the demand of the minister the speaker asked Jayant Patil to keep the ‘lathi’ outside. As Jayant Patil was medically fit there was no reason to take the support of ‘lathi’, even age nor health was so that he would need lathi to walk. Finally at the instruction of the speaker Jeetendra Awhad kept the lathi outside the house.

Jayant Patil said, the attire and lathi was symbol of Dhangar community. Since the government has not taken the demands of community seriously he wanted to draw the attention of government, to create awareness towards the community so that some decision could be taken. If no decision is taken then in every hand of Dhangar community lathi will be seen.

It may be mentioned, during the first week of winter session Girish Mahajan had come with a revolver and at that time Opposition leader Ajit Pawar had drawn the attention of the speaker towards this, stating that revolver was not allowed in the house as during the working of the house if the minister in provocation took out the revolver from his waist and shot then an accident could happen. Girish Mahajan hearing this just kept on laughing and the opposition leader also did not take it seriously.

A question arises whether the assembly hall council or the premises is insecure or they do not trust the security of assembly house or doubt the security arrangement made by Police Commssionerate.