Published On : Sun, Aug 30th, 2015

Get ready for rib-tickling comedy at ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’!

COLORS Comedy Nights Bachao with Adaa Khan, Pritam Singh and Mubeen  (1)
Nagpur Today:

Pritam Singh, Mubeen and Adaa Khan from Comedy Nights Bachao, a new venture by colors, were in town for the promotion of the show.

Have you ever been a part of humorous jokes? How must it feel to become the butt of every joke? Especially so if you happen to be a well-known public figure? And the absurdity of it all is that you still decide to jump into the bandwagon knowing fully well that you will only be ripped apart. With an all new concept for the Hindi GEC viewers, COLORS is all set to expand its comic genre of insult. Comedy Nights Bachao will take jibes at famous an infamous celebrity guests at the hands of actor-comedian jodis through acid-tongued humor.

Everyweek, Comedy Nights Bachao will bring together celebrity guests whose feelings, personality traits will be ripped apart through tongue-in-heek punch lines poking fun at their personal lives and public image. The memorable burns will be served by comic crusaders teamed together as five stupefying jodis- Krushna Abhishek, Sudesh Lahiri and Adaa Khan, Bharti Singh, Karan Wahi and Pritam Singh, Anita Hassanandani and Mubeen, Shruti Seth and Shakeel Siddique, Pooja Bose and Naseem Vicky.

COLORS Comedy Nights Bachao with Pritam Singh
Comenting on the part of Comedy Nights Bachao, Pritam Singh said, Comedy is a new genre for him to step into and claim it as my own. After hosting, this is the first time he will be openly and Unabashedly participating in a humorous exploit on television. Coming back to my city to share the glimpse of this new strain of comedy that we have developed has been a great experience.

Adaa Khan said that she has always believed in challenging herself and pushing her limits; venturing into comedy is one such step that I have taken. After having played a vamp and a simple girl, I am keen to play myself to showcase a different nuance of my personality to viewers, and Comedy Nights Bachao permits me to do just that. The format of the show is unlike anything seen on television before; it promises to be an engaging watch as we do what we are best at- entertaining!She sincerely hope that the viewers will enjoy watching the show and shower us with their love support as always.

COLORS Comedy Nights Bachao with Mubeen
Adding further, comedian Mubeen said that Comedy is at the core of my being, with the intention to entertain translating clearly across every project that he undertakes. Comedy Nights Bachao’s unique concept and engaging format giving us a no-bounds permission to explore the world of uninhibited laughter makes it a winning proposition for them as entertainers. As a never-seen-before type of humour readies to take over television screens.
COLORS Comedy Nights Bachao with Adaa Khan