Published On : Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Geriatric Society of India, Vidarbha Chapter holds Health Check up camp for Darekasa Tribals with DISHA

Health Check Up Camp
A Team of 7 experts and members of Vidarbha Chapter of Geriatric Society of India, took active part in Bi-monthly Health Check up camp of DISHA yesterday Sun. 28th of August, 2016 at laters premises “Disha Arogya Kutir” at remote tribal Village Darekasa, 55 kms. from District Head Quarters of Gondia.

In this “Integrated Community Health Mission” a total of 25 villages are adopted by for health care with their own 9 “Arogya Doots” and 2 “Arogya Sevikas” Trained by DISHA.

The GSI team Included Neurologist Dr. Jayant Pande, President GSI; Geriatrician Dr. Sanjay Bajaj, Secretary, GSI; Dr. Madhukar Kherde, Physician, Dr. Diwakr Bhoyar, General Practitioner; Capt. Dr. Anil Deoghare, Dental Surgeon; Dr. Sudhir Mangruilkar, Physiotherapist; Dr. Aditya Mohata, Rediologist and Sonologist.

Total of 112 persons were medically examined, investigated and advised treatment with free distribution of medicines and were advised follow up for complex problems to Gondia and Nagpur for further free treatment. ECG, Blood sugars, Haemoglobin, X ray, Sonography for Pregnant women, other pathological tests, Dental Check up, eye check up and screening for glaucoma and cataract were done.

Health Check Up Camp
In opening welcome speech, Dr. Debashish Chatterjee, founder President of DISHA (Directon, Innovation Strategy for Health Action”) highlighted health scenario prevalent before the NGO DISHA was formed in 1999. There was the high death rate due to endemic infections like malaria, dengue, Tuberculosis, Fluorosis, infant and mother due to malnourishment, ignorance and poverty compounding the issue with minimal or no medical help from administration. He had his first posting as PHC Medical officer where he served for 5 years and then went for higher education. On return, he wanted to make the difference in the lives of these people and started working towards it by choosing their educated girls and boys and train them in district hospital handling simple issues of health, first aid, sanitation, nutrition, infectious disease etc. Without any government grants, but with the help of philanthropic companies and business class, donors and volunteers the project is now in 16th year successfully.

Health Check Up Camp
Dr. Jayant Pande expressed great happiness to hold joint camp with the DISHA organisation and wanted them to join Geriatric Society which will help them keep updated with world trends and treatment options for the population of elderly. Dr. Sanjay Bajaj highlighted the activities of GSI and felt happy to come out to rural set up for the first time in Vidarbha Chapter’s History. Dr. Anil Deoghare asked them to shun tobacco, ghutaka consumption to keep Cancer of oral cavity away. The team donated them books and journals of GSI and appreciated the way the facilities and records are maintained for follow up. They also noted the difference of change in health scenario brought out by Disha particulatly in Infant (Mah. 29, Gondia 8.67, Disha 7.04) and Maternal mortality (Mah. 87, Gondia 52, Disha 00)and wiping out endemic tuberculosis malaria from the villages. They also appreciated that the male to female sex Ration in this area is 972M : 1028F.

Health Check Up Camp
Entirely voluntary initiative has made local people to align and extend social help to villagers with ambulance services and liaison with specialists in Nagpur and Gondia where highly subsidised care is provided. Those who worked hard for the success of the camp were Dr. Yadavrao Kudale, Dr. Shibu V. Acharya, Dr. Tejaswini Bhuskute, Dr. Sajid Khan, Rakesh Gupta, Dayanand Katre, Vinay Agrawal, Vinod Agrawal, Ramsharan Wankhede and Sushmita Chatterjee. Arun Kumar Sarurkar, Jagdeeshbhai Rathod, Manohar Mundra, Sukhdev Kuranjekar, Sanjay Bhagwatkar, Kumar Bhai Palan and Chandraprakash Methi.