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    Published On : Mon, Dec 24th, 2012
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    Geet Says – Guitar is an extension of myself !

    Nagpur Today Youth Icon – Recently we had a word with geet who is a lead guitarist for his band Pin Drop Silence. He is very kind and jolly by his nature , lets have a chit chat with this handsome hunk..

    Suhani : Tell me something about yourself?

    Geet : My real name is Geetesh but my friends call me Geet and I am a kind, friendly and Mast Maula person.


    Suhani : What are your Hobbies?

    Geet : One of my best hobby is playing guitar, Listening to music and apart from this I like to do adventures also.


    Suhani : Tell me why you chose to be a guitarist as a career.

    Geet : Actually I love music very much that’s why I choose this as my profession. Some of my fans use to ask me just to attract girls have I learnt playing guitar…I smile and use to say that …never fond of being into lime light..lolz…

    I learn n play guitar because I love it and feels comfortable with this.


    Suhani : Which is your favorite tune?

    Geet : This question is very critical for me. Aahhh there are so many tunes but personally i love CHAIN EK PAL NAHI…SAYYONEE…and second is TEARS DON’T FALL by BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE…even i also like old music…


    Suhani : Since how long you are performing on stage?

    Geet : I am performing from last 7 wonderful years.


    Suhani : Something about your experience till today?

    Geet : I can’t say about my experience because I am so small to describe my life and I am still in progress, much more to do in my life but till today whatever comes to my way I had accepted honestly and felt proud for that. I am thankful to my parents and to my God for all this what I have today.


    Suhani : What do you enjoy the most, besides being a guitarist?

    Geet : I enjoy music direction, production. Mostly I love to hang out with my friends to any of the happening places.
    Suhani : When did you start playing Guitar.

    Geet : I started it from my school days only.


    Suhani : Your first tune/song you learnt?

    Geet : Yeah I nevr forget that tune  its “ek hasina thi ” from Karz.


    Suhani : Have you ever felt that you should have taken up something else as a career?

    Geet : Not always but sometimes, but I am honestly saying I am happy being a guitarist.


    Suhani : Are you a student or a trainer?

    Geet : I am a “student” of my guru’s and a “trainer” for my students, and I am enjoying my both roles.


    Suhani : “Trainer” Where is your institute?

    Geet : I am giving training to the students for guitar from last 4 years at “Birds school of arts”..its RJ Milind’s  institute , and I am teaching some other places too.


    Suhani : Where you were before 5 years and where you see yourself after five years.

    Geet : Before 5 years I was just a normal guy who use to play guitar in colleges or gathering or with friends …and today I am a guitarist playing in shows and making people fall in love with music and after 5 years I want me to be a music director and a well known guitarist in this world just near to James Hatfield. And also I want my band Pindrop Reverb to be one of the best band of India.


    Suhani : Tell us something which you want people should know about you?

    Geet : I just want people should know that I am not loaded with attitude (lol) but I am very down to earth and very friendly.
    Suhani : What are the major performances you have had in the city?

    Geet : Yeah its such as recently we performed for “Hero Motocop stars night” and “Nagpur premier league” and many more..


    Suhani : What is your biggest achievement till date?

    Geet : I will just say my achievements is that my friends feel proud that I am with them whenever I use to play on stage they always cheers me and boost me  and always helps me as the way they can.


    Suhani : What sets you apart from other guitarists in the city?

    Geet : I can’t compare myself but it may be my attitude on stage and my performance.
    Suhani : Who inspired you a lot?

    Geet : Its my father and secondly Sir kishor kumar. They both teach me a lot my dad practically and kishor sir theoretically.


    Suhani : Would you like to say as I am closing the interview?

    Geet : I will just say when you feel music then only u’ll love music…..and something for my guitar it is not just an instrument, it is an extension of myself..


    Suhani : Any wishes for Nagpur Today?

    Geet : I am really very glad that Nagpur Today had taken a big initiative for us, town talents are getting more name n fame with this. Thank you so much Suhani for taking my interview so that even I am going to know about myself (lol). Thanks a lot. And very best wishes for Nagpur Today and Team.

    By Suhani Vanjani


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