Published On : Mon, Sep 28th, 2015

Ganpati Mahaprasad distributed with devotional fervour


Nagpur: Like every year, this year too the Ganeshostsav was celebrated with devotional fervour at Kashmiri Gali, and Mahaprasad distributed by Renee Alag at her home in Kashmiri Gali, here in the city.
All relatives and close friends partook of the Mahaprasad with a joyful experience. All the people enjoyed the delicacies of Mahaprasad and appreciated the ambiance of the occasion.
Filled with enthusiasm for the occasion, Renee said, “I am feeling like being on top of the world. All my friends and family-members are present and they are having a very good time. We made sure that they get yummy food to tantalize their taste buds and I think we succeeded because of the appreciation we got in return. I have been doing this for past 13 years and with the blessings of Bappa I will continue this for the rest of my life.”
The occasion was very nostalgic for the hosting family and they were dedicated to please their guests.


Varsha Khungar, Renee Alag and Kuntal Khemka


Shivani Kothari


Renee Alag and Shilpi Vij


Megha Mohta


Kulwant Khurana


Esha Agrawal


Ashmin Nirula and Renee Alag