Published On : Sat, Nov 10th, 2018

Gadkari inaugurates Soham home away from home for elderly

Nagpur: Central Indias first home trust flagship project was inaugurated by the hands of Union Minister of road and transport Nitin Gadkari.

Soham Women’s home trusts flagship project is a place for the old age people which will help them to spent their days without any worry.

With an aim to give a good service to the senior citizens of the city Soham Women’s home trust flagship program came in shape.

President Varsha Manohar informed that being a daughter it was difficult for me to leave my parents alone in other city so we decided to open such facility where children who move to other country or to other place within the country do not have to worry about the care of their parents. Loneliness is felt by everyone and it is often seen that our senior citizens suffer the most as they have to live alone.

Here one can find all the facilities needed from regular room service to 24 health assistant one can avail all the facilities for their parents. Not only this but soon the trust will open a day care program where one can enroll for daily care.

Self sustaining project and not a commercial project which is funded with the help of ML Pandse trust the home trust facility promises to take care of our elderly people.