Published On : Fri, Jan 22nd, 2016

Gadgets that can drive Nagpur’s tech enthusiasts crazy

Nagpur’s tech savvy people must have been awaiting some great happening on technology horizons. And here we found some phenomenal gadgets that can certainly satiate your longing for improvised, great and innovative technology.
Nagpur Today takes a low down…

You might have seen an air mouse — a wireless device that comes with a USB receiver and controls the cursor on screen using just movements in space. Gestor is a live project on Kickstarter that wants to take an air mouse to the next level. It fits comfortably in the hand and is designed to work with Windows, Mac and Android just like any other mouse. It’s powered by a single AAA battery that should last for several months of use. Key to the Gestor’s unique design are the three touch sensitive rings towards the top of the device. The first ring acts as an on/off switch — you need to place a finger on that ring to bring it out of sleep. The second ring acts as a left click button while the uppermost ring is a right click button. These can be configured and some of the other features include page scrolling and zooming. You can get one for about US$45.

Noise cancellation headphones need not be bulky. This Indiegogo project showcases a pair of earphones that are completely wireless, yet feature active noise cancellation technology. The creators say that the design fits into your ear and is small enough to allow you to sleep with your head on a pillow. A single charge will give you about 50 hours of use. Each set comes with a carrying case that doubles up as a charger. There are no buttons either — they switch on automatically when you remove them from the case. At the time of writing, you can reserve a pair for about US$ 130 (price includes shipping anywhere in the world).

Smart-RingUnlock Smart Ring

Unlock is a short range Bluetooth ring that allows you to securely unlock your smartphone/tablet without having to key in a passcode or draw a pattern. The makers claim that some users find themselves entering a PIN up to 200 times a day — this can do away with all that. Range is just about 6-inches so the wearer has to be holding the device for it to unlock. They’ve tested it to work with most Windows Mobile and Android devices and you do need to get the free companion app to enable the security features. You can snag one for US$30 plus shipping charges on Indiegogo.

Ghost-Rider-PCThe Ghost Rider PC

PC modding is an art form that usually combines extreme performance PC components with outrageous design. Case in point in this wild design built by a team of two modders based in Thailand — they call themselves Modder CROW. Apart from the glowing skull (which is an all too common theme), you’ll see a quartet of exhaust pipes which actually serve a purpose in this build (cooling, cable management). Around the back, all components are exposed, fitted into a custom built red trellis frame and lit by red accents. As for the specifications, you get a top-of-theline Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM resting on an Asus ROG MAXIMUS VIII Hero motherboard, a GTX 980Ti graphics card, a 240GB HyperX Predator solid state drive and a massive power supply

Thimble Monthly Kits

There are subscription boxes for just about anything these days. Why not one that teaches kids about electronics and robotics? Thimble kits are designed to teach, to be simple and customisable. Their first kit — a WiFi controlled, twowheeled robot — is currently live on Kickstarter. For roughly US$60 plus shipping, you can get a full kit that includes things like a programmable Arduino board, motors, wheels, cables, nuts and a complete set of instructions. There is a tiny bit of soldering involved so small children will need some help. You’ll be able to control basic movements (forward, left, right, back) by writing an Android app — they’ll guide you through this as well. The robot is also designed to be expandable by adding smaller components like collision avoidance and LED lights. Future kits will include things like quadcopters, alarm clocks, LED cubes, light control devices, weather monitoring devices and so on. You can choose to take the monthly subscription or just buy one box at a time.