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    Published On : Mon, Oct 12th, 2015

    Futala girl immolation case: Victim still critical

    Girl pondered for 2.5 hours on mode of committing suicide

    Spot were Girl was found

    : The girl who had attempted suicide by self-immolation is said to be still critical. While speaking to Nagpur Today, a senior Doctor of Orange City Hospital and Research Institute said that the girl is still critical. The Doctors reported that though the facial inflammation has receded. She is experiencing repeated Hypoglycemic Episodes. When asked why is the Blood-Sugar-level decreasing, he said that that this is caused by Infection and Sepsis. He claimed that the patient (Girl) has been put under a heavy dose of antibiotics to treat the infection and sepsis.

    The occurrence of Hypoglycemic Episodes experienced by burn patients while in the intensive care unit have been significant to conclude that Hypoglycemic Episodes correlate with injury severity and inhalation injury. When adjusted for injury severity, hypoglycemia is associated with significantly higher post-burn morbidity and mortality. 

    The Doctor also opined that in patients who have suffered more than 25% burns, till a grafting is done, they cannot or may not come out of the critical stage. The grafting is scheduled in the 3rd week of the patient being admitted.

    Girl pondered for 2.5 hours on mode of committing suicide
    With the victim girl giving a statement to the Executive Magistrate that she had committed suicide due to some personal tensions and worries, most of the rumours were stifled and came to an end. However, the Ambazhari Police Station registered a case under Section 309 of Indian Penal Code against her.

    Sources in the police department claimed that they will be continuing the investigations to ascertain the causative factors that led her to attempt suicide.

    During police investigations, they caught the taxi-driver who ferried her from Sitabuldi to Futala Lake. According to the taxi-driver’s statement, the girl had allegedly told the taxi driver that the fuel of her two-wheeler had exhausted and is parked near Futala Lake. This was the reason the driver also went to procure the petrol in a mineral-water-bottle for the girl from Bhole Petrol Pump. He does not know where she procured the match-box from.

    After the taxi dropped her in front of Futala Lake, police sources told Nagpur Today that the girl had walked all the way till Botanical Garden. Since the gate is closed by 7:30 pm, she could not enter there. She is said to have walked back to Futala Lake. She had also contemplated committing suicide by jumping into the Futala Lake, but she had allegedly dropped the idea of jumping into the lake since she assumed that people may save her from getting drowned and her bid will be spoiled. Hence she waited till the crowd thinned down and then proceeded to get-up on the restaurant and set-herself on fire.


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