Furious men kill youth over rash driving in Kotwali

Nagpur: Irked over the repeated rash driving of a youth four men allegedly attacked him sharp edged weapons leading to his death on Sunday night. Kotwali police have booked four young men on murder charges, The accused were reportedly furious over the habit of rash driving of the deceased identified as Saif Ali alias Shahrukh Shoqat Ali (26), a resident of Tulsibagh Mahal.

Based on the complaint lodged by Sheikh Mumma Sheikh Wahab, Kotwali police have booked accused identified Bablya, Vinayak, R K Patel and Bunty Jais on the charges of murder.

According to police, the accused men surrounded Shahrukh on Sunday night and engaged into wordy spat over his reckless driving. The four men then accosted Shahrukh before hurling abuses at him around 11 pm. The fight soon took bloody turn after, all the accused assaulted Shahrukh with sharp edged weapons.

Leaving him lying in the pool of blood the accused men then fled the spot. Shahrukh succumbed to his severe head injuries on the spot before any medical help could be extended to him.