Published On : Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

F*ugly : Movie Review by Prashen H. Kyawal

F*ugly : Over pretentious product of over thinking

fuglyToday’s generation (at least in Bollywood films) is confused between the western party culture and Indian values. Maybe because while catering to the materialistic (Read lustful) desires of the audience, film makers also want to touch their emotions. But unless one is a veteran and seasoned enough to handle and present best of both the worlds, the efforts fall flat.

Story of F*ugly written by Rahul Handa, seems “inspired” by multiple movies like Shaitan, Rang De Basanti, Fukrey, etc. We have seen many movies in which life of few friends who live on the edge for the kick of it goes haywire after they get caught into a seriously dangerous situation. Lately, we have also seen many movies using Delhi and northern landscape/dialects as backdrop with eccentric characters to complete the mix. F*ugle trades on similar path but tries to be serious with a patriotic undercurrent. Unfortunately, that’s where it fails. Screenplay is convoluted and goes out of control after initially hooking up the audience.

While the protagonists, Dev (Mohit Marwah), Gaurav (Vijender Singh), Aditya (Arfi Lamba) party hard, they have their own dreams like running an adventure camp, winning Boxing championship, etc. The heroine, Devi (Kiara Advani) who enjoys skimpy cloths, she is a serious girl with strong ethics. Every now and then she delivers lectures on moral science, fights against eve teasers and wishes happiness for her widow mother. While they enjoy exploiting the system by using the name of Gaurav’s Minister Father, they talk about how system is bad in India. It looks over pretentious and output of overthinking.

Director Kabir Sadanand shows promise with the start of the movie itself. The different shots in the starting titles demonstrating how ugly things are becoming across the society and age group and everyone is trying to adapt to the new world which is totally different from the one they are born and live in. He is in touch with lifestyle of today’s generation and uses it in the presentation. The adventure camp, going to Leh on Bullet, etc shows today’s aspirational youth. Kabir has the skill and craft but he needs a better screenplay and better actors.

The film generated enough buzz and curiosity due to its title and the title track. Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar extended their hand to promote the movie. However, the movie has all new star cast. The lead actor Mohit Marwah is unimpressive and so is the lead actress Kiara Advani. Boxer Vijender Singh shows potential and is actually has better screen presence in these 4.Arfi Lamba is good as the ever fearful friend. Anshuman Jha who plays role of the Party organiser and drug peddler Cheeni does good job in small role.

Jimmy Shergill, as R. S. Chautala, the evil inspector, is the highlight of the movie. He makes you want him dead every time he appears on screen. I am sure he will be nominated for best actor in negative role in few award functions. However if his role had some graph, it would have been better for the actor to do even better.

Music of the movie is average. Background music by Alok Punjani is apt. Choreography is too in same category. Editing by Shounak Ghosh is good enough. Production design by Vintee Bansal fair. Production Quality is good.

To sum it up, F*ugly does not live up to the expectation. It is an average movie which tries to be bigger than it can be.

Rating : 2-star
Recommendation : Can be skipped. Wait for Satellite or DVD released. If you must watch a movie, it’s ok for a one time watch.