Published On : Wed, Mar 25th, 2020

FSL11 Fantasy Cricket App Reviews & Guide on How to Play

It will surprise you to know how much you can earn from Fantasy Cricket Apps like FSL11 without putting much effort. Fantasy cricket is a concept that is getting popular day by day as more users are understanding it’s potential. The advantage of this platform is its simplicity and that it allows you to earn without having to do much effort. You can be sitting at the comfort of your house, calmly chilling with a bottle of coke while your FSL11 app accumulates money for you!

The concept of Fantasy Cricket is quite simple. You select a team of players who you think will perform well in the tournament and accumulate points based on their performance in the real-world match. If you get the highest score among the competing users, you win and earn money. It’s that simple!

So what exactly do you have to do?

Step 1: Download and install FSL11 from Apple Store or the website

Step 2: Register and instantly get Rs. 100 reward

Step 3: Pick a match from any of the current or upcoming cricket match series

Step 4: Flaunt your sports skill to make a FSL11 Team consisting of wicket-keepers, batsman, all-rounder and bowlers

Step 5: Select your team Captain and Vice-Captain. The performance of your Captain and Vice-Captain earns your more points. Therefore, choose the strongest players among your time for this position.

Step 6: You can also create multiple teams (up to 6 teams) and choose to enter the contest with the best team at the last moment

Step 7: Join any FSL11 free or cash contest to win cash. Here, you would like to move up in progression. As a beginner, join small leaguesand as you master the tricks to winning, join leagues which have better payout.

Step 8: You can make changes to your FSL11 Team until the deadline of the match. Here, you would like to switch on your television and ensure that all the players from your FSL11 Team are actually playing on the field. If any player is not playing, you would want to switch him out.

Step 9: Keep a watch on the match, sit back and let your points accumulate. You win if you are the highest scorer.

Step 10: Withdraw your winnings from the app, without any processing fees and spend them wherever you like. The app also gives you bonuses which you can use to join other leagues and get more winnings.

With Fantasy Cricket, you hardly have anything to worry about. The app is completely legal and comes with a bunch of contests, so your money is in safe hands. Many mega leagues give rewards to even top 10,000 players, which means your chances of winning is also quite high.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the app and make your entry to the world of Fantasy Cricket with a bang on FSL11.