Published On : Thu, Jun 12th, 2014

Frogs married off with all religious rites to appease Rain God

Nagpur News: When the entire nation sizzles with intense heat of 2014 summer heat, farmers and the village folk felt the intensity the most. Every farmer looks up to the skies awaiting rains to make their fields fertile once again so that they can reap a good harvest. Every citizen prays to God to relieve them from this intense heat and send in the showers.

This year, when the heat was at its extreme and the mercury touched all new heights, nearly 21 people lost their lives due to sun-stroke. Many religious rites and prayers are offered to appease the rain gods in various parts of the country. There is one very prominent and prevailing practice that exists in the rural areas of Vidarbha in order to appease the rain god Varun. A male and a female frog are married to appease the rain god. This custom was observed in Nagpur with religious fervor and following all religious rites that are followed when a boy and a girl are married. This was done so that Rain gods get pleased and the entire Vidarbha gets ample rainfall to fulfill all water based needs. (Drinking water, irrigation, washing etc)

1 (12)One can see the video in Nagpur Today, where young men are dancing and women following all the religious rites. All the regular visuals were seen, like the Barathis (Kith and kin of the Bride and the bridegroom), Band playing the usual sandal and marriage based music, Pundit (to perform the marriage ceremony), all the material which included, mangal-sutras, floral garland, coconut, Vermillion, agni-kund, fruits etc were present.

First the frogs barat (religious procession) was taken out and later the marriage of the male and the female frog was performed in a temple adhering to all religious rites. Sources said that in Maharashtra, it is believed that if a male and a female frog are married, the rain gods become pleased and sufficient rainfall is seen soon. Therefore the frogs were married with full pomp and show.


By Ravikant Kamble