Published On : Sat, May 14th, 2016

Formal inclusion of Kamptee, Old-Kamptee and Hingna Police Stations into Nagpur Police Commissionerate

  • CM assures of Rs 500 crores for bettering city police
  • Assures to initiate process of installing CCTV cameras and monitoring this year


Nagpur: In a dazzling ceremony, the inclusion of Kamptee, Old-Kamptee and Hingna police stations were formally declared by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on May 14, 2016.



While addressing the audience, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that Nagpur District Guardian Minister has been requesting the inclusion of the Kamptee Police Stations into Nagpur Police Commissionerate for a long time. CM Fadnavis said that the rate at which Kamptee area has urbanized has been tremendous. He added that Kamptee also has been known as a sensitive area. He claimed that the challenges and problems of Rural Police and the Commissionerate are different. Not that the Rural Police is unable to maintain law and order in Kamptee area, it is just that this move is to reduce the load from them since they have many remote areas to police. This inclusion will increase the response time.



Fadnavis claimed that urbanization increases street crimes. In order to increase the policing and to help the local authorities to face the challenges of the city and for better crime control and enhance the response time, thus inclusion was necessary.

Fadnavis claimed that after a lot of deliberations, the Home Minister has decided to include Kamptee, Old-Kamptee and Hingna police stations into Nagpur Police Commissionerate.

He added that he is happy that a very capable police officer Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone 3and 5) Abhinash Kumar has been made in-charge of Zone-V, under which the 3 new police stations will be included.

Fadnavis went on to laud the efforts of Nagpur City Police Commissioner S P Yadav, all Deputy Commissioners of Police, Assistant Commissioners of Police for their excellent work of bringing crime rate to minimum.

He said that there was a time when many media had termed Nagpur as Crime Capital. However, with the tough action initiated by the police officials under the guidance of CP S P Yadav the city is now crime free.


He went on to say that people are in shock when there exists Goon’s terror, but when there is a Police terror, goons are terrified and are intimidated. As of date, the terror created by police has not only started intimidating the goons but has also brought the crime rate to 25%.

However, there has been a significant increase in Economic Offences. The cops are working towards creating awareness among the people not to get involved or duped in such ponzi schemes or such Dubba trading scam that has come to fore recently. The action that was initiated by the Economic Offenses Wing of Nagpur Crime Branch was laudable.


While addressing the senior police officials, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that most of the goons and criminals try political patronage. He went on to say that one does not need to be a photographer any more, almost everyone moves around with mobile phones with cameras and keep clicking photographs. He claimed that he meets so many people every day. Many people would be having a photograph of CM speaking to them. But that does not mean that the person is close to him and should be spared of any legal action.

Chief Minister also spoke about the granting of Rs 500 crores for the enhancement of technical knowhow and advancement of Nagpur city police.  He also addressed Guardian Minister Bawankule and said that by the year they will have start the installation of CCTV cameras and the monitoring system in Nagpur city. He claimed that the Tender notice has already been published and soon it will come to pass. He added that they will have to work on the right of way.

He claimed that the State Home Minister to impartial and is functioning perfectly.

He added that Kamptee has people from minority community and Dalit community. They need to feel safe and secure under the policing of Zone V.


Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule while addressing the audience said that this is a historic decision made by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis led Home Ministry. While Hingna Police have the responsibility of managing law and order of VCA Stadium and Mihan, Kamptee has its own share of sensitive areas to handle.

Bawankule went on to add that this move to include the three police stations came about only because the Chief Minister was from Nagpur. He too was all praise for the Nagpur city police who have tightened the noose around all criminals and goons. He claimed that led by Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, all the DCPs and ACPs have strived hard to ensure that history sheeters and criminals are brought to book and slapped MCOCA on them. He added that the everyday crime rate has boiled down to bare minimum.

He then claimed that there is a deadline given to him by the Chief Minister to ensure proper infrastructures to many police stations. In this series of new police station that are slated to come up include Nandanvan, Wathoda, Kalmeshwar and 6 other police stations.

He said that he is doing all things to ensure the modernization of Nagpur police. He claimed that all the proposals proposed by the Commissioner of Police S P Yadav have been approved.

While addressing the citizens of Kamptee area, he said that everyone should keep a Sarva Dharma Sama Bhav (Same attitude among all religions) towards a common cause of maintaining peace in the society.

He appealed the Chief Minister to make Kamptee A-grade Municipal Corporation and to extend Metro services to Kanhan which will benefit at least 5 lakh people who travel to Nagpur city everyday at least in the second phase.

Earlier the Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Kumar Sharma said that with the inclusion of three new police stations, they will have the increased responsibility of policing. He claimed that with 16 MCOCA slapped on offenders and 50 MPDA action initiated against criminals, the crime rate has significantly reduced. People now feel safe and secure in the city.

He went on to claim that the Nagpur city police is effectively using Electroni Social media such as Whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc for better interaction with the public at large. He also claimed that they have received a good response with the police mitras.

After a round of prominent people welcoming the Chief Minister with bouquets and garlands, Former Minister Advocate Sulekha Tai Kumbhare addressed the audience. She kept the address short and sweet. She said that Kamptee has come into prominence because of Dragon Palace. She said that a move is made to include Dragon Palace into the Buddhist Circuit (Tourist place). She then went on to address Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule and said that both of them should take this as a challenge and render their full cooperation to the cops to ensure in making Kamptee crime free. She wanted to make Kamptee zero crime rate place. However, she added that the mentality of the people should change.

Member of Parliament from Ramtek Constituency Krupal Tumane then addressed the audience and said that though crime is reduced significantly in the city, everyone should strive to make this area (Kamptee) peaceful. He added that though the Rural Police was efficiently handling the law and order in Kamptee area, this move of including Kamptee area into Nagpur Police Commissionerate will reduce the load of work from them. He claimed that the rural police have many remote areas to do policing.