Published On : Thu, Feb 4th, 2016

Forest Rangers to be provided with new vehicles for patrolling duty

Forest rangers

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Nagpur: In a significant move to safeguard forest wealth and wildlife, the Revenue and Forest Departments have decided to procure 180 new vehicles (Jeeps) for officials and rangers for patrolling purpose. Providing of new vehicles to forest men would effectively curb poaching of wildlife, forest smugglers, cutting of trees among other illegal activities.

The Revenue and Forest Department on Tuesday approved the proposal to purchase additional 180 vehicles (jeeps) to be provided to Forest Rangers for patrolling duty. Out of the 180 vehicles, more than 50 would be allocated to Vidarbha region. In the interior, sensitive and Naxal-affected areas, the forest wealth and wildlife are facing danger. On one hand the smugglers are cutting the trees indiscriminately and on the other hand, poachers having a kill of the wildlife. Due to this indiscriminate destruction, existence of forest wealth and wildlife is on the brink.

The Vidarbha region is rich with forest wealth and minerals. At the same time, the region is vulnerable as incidents teak wood smuggling and wildlife poaching are on the increase. The forest officials and rangers faced handicaps in effectively curbing the illegal activities in the absence of vehicles for patrolling duty. The Principal Conservator of Forest, Nagpur, sent a proposal to State Government on May 15, 2015. The Government gave serious thought to the proposal and approved the proposal for purchasing of new 180 vehicles to be used by forest rangers for patrolling purpose. Out of the 180 vehiclesm more than 50 vehicles would be allocated to forest-rich Vidarbha region.