Published On : Thu, Jun 9th, 2016

Flawed ash disposal pipeline at Koradi poses hazards


Nagpur: The construction of ash disposal pipeline of new 660×3 megawatt capacity thermal power project of Koradi coud be termed a “perilous flaw.” The super critical project, built with expenditure in crores, has completed six months of power generation. However, the ‘perilous flaw’ of the Koradi project is its ash disposal pipeline. The ash disposal pipeline is 5 km in length. But, surprisingly, the pipeline is bereft of RCC footing at the distance of every 5 metre stretch, a must in accordance with the laid down norms. Moreover, no fitting for clamps has been done for support of the pipeline. In sum, the ash disposal pipeline is a grave hazard for the lives of people if an untoward incident is to take place.


On the other hand, one can say that the footing and clamps have vanished in thin airs “automatically.” It has been observed that the ash disposal pipeline was not at all built properly. Not a single joint in the pipeline has been carved out in bow mode. Entire work seems to be carried out in a huff. If the pipeline is temporary then the RCC footing and clamps should have been fitted temporarily. All this haphazard work warrants a detailed investigation.IMG-20160607-WA0024

The ash disposal pipeline is hanging over the ground for the name sake. According to opinion of experts, lack of monitoring and control by MSEDCL Director (Project) Chandrakant Thotwe could have led to the flawed construction of the ash disposal pipeline. The pipeline could prove perilous in future if an untoward incident is to take place.IMG-20160607-WA0030