Fire breaks out in Indian Safari area of Gorewada forest

Nagpur: A fire broke out in the Indian Safari area of Gorewada International Zoo on Monday afternoon. The fire broke out for the third time in Gorewada in the past one-and-a-half months, reducing grown trees and grass on south-west side in 40 hectare area.

According to the local people here the fire broke out in the forest area which is near to the security wall of Bypass side in Dabha. The forest employees had not got the information of fire till 12.30 pm. The forest employees saw smoke and flames they immediately rushed to the spot and also informed the Fire Brigade people, who sent two fire tenders to douse the raging fire. Forestmen and labourers also helped in extinguishing the fire with the help four blowers.

It is reported that the fire was brought under control after fighting for about two-and-a-half hours. On January 11, similar incident had occurred in the rescue centre area of Gorewada Zoo reducing vegetation in around 100 hectares of area. Gorewada faced another fire in December month.

According to reliable sources, some anti-social elements jumped inside from the six feet high compound wall at backside for drinking and playing cards. Seeing them the patrolling guards had driven them out two/three times. The enraged miscreants started throwing burning cigarettes and sticks inside the campus. This is the main reason for fire incidents occurring in Gorewada.

According to reliable sources, a vigilance van would be given from today to keep a watch. Moreover, FDCM has engaged 20 fire watchers in the campus.