Published On : Fri, Apr 10th, 2015

Fill up your fuel tanks today – it is going to be a dry weekend

No_petrol_petrol_pumpAs reported by Nagpur Today in an exclusive feature some days ago, beset by a number of problems all outlets of public sector oil companies like Indian Oil Corporation, HPCL etc. will be following No Purchase Day tommorow i.e. on the 11th of April. They will all also run only in one shift , from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. only strictly.

No purchase day in reality means they will not purchase any petrol or diesel from the Companies tomorrow. No tankers will be sent for loading, or loaded and no bills will be made.

So the stocks they carry at their retails outlets, i.e. petrol pumps, may suffice for part of tomorrow but will definitely run out by evening.

As a result of not purchasing tomorrow, most pumps will run dry on Sunday and also Monday. (Sunday oil companies are closed and there will be such a rush and confusion on Monday that many tankers will not get filled).

According to Harmender Singh, President of the Nagpur wing of Vidarbha Petroleum Dealers Association : this year end i.e. March 31st 2015, all of them are posting losses between Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 30 lakhs or more. (Average of Rs. 15 lakhs) Vidarbha is not in isolation, the case is the same for all over Maharashtra and all over the country too. To protest this point and make their demands petrol pumps all over India will be following 11th April, Saturday as NO PURCHASE DAY and single shift day.

They have given a list of eleven demands to their respective Companies and the Central Government, if these are not met or some negotiations not begun, 17th and 18th of April, two days this time, will be observed as no purchase days.

If still no breakthrough happens they will go on indefinite strike from April 27th.

So we advise Nagpurians and others in Vidarbha  people too to fill their cars and two wheelers with diesel/ petrol this evening to avoid problems tomorrow and day after.