Published On : Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

FDA’s raid and seizure drive on: Goods worth Rs 12,00,000/- of M/s Parle Company seized

FDA Raid  (1)
: On August 24, 2015, under the guidance of Assistant Commissioner (Food) of Food and Drug Administration, Nagpur  Division, N R Wakode, Food Safety Officer Abhay Deshpande, Sanjay Boyewar, Akhilesh Raut and Praveen Umap raided the house of Yogesh Gwalani situated in Shashtri Nagar.

There they noticed that various products of M/s Parle Company which included snacks, salties, biscuits, cakes, wafers etc whose dates (for consumption) had expired being stocked there in his house. These goods totally worth Rs 12,00,000/- were seized from the spot.

The FDA officials had received a confidential  tip off that the accused Yogesh Gwalani was using some thinner and some chemical to remove the expiry date and used to affix new manufacturing date and used to sell the food products in the market.  During the raid, the FDA officials found the thinner for removing the expiry date and the inscribing ink for affixing new dates, food products which had goods whose dates had expired stocked in his house. At the time of raid, the illegal work of removing the old dates and affixing the new dates was on.

FDA Raid  (2)
It also came to fore that the accused Yogesh Gwalani was doing the illegal deed and had been doing this business without any legal permission from any statutory body.

Since the seized goods are worth Rs 12,00,000/- but is harmful for the consumption of the citizens. The FDA Officials seized the goods in order to prevent these goods from reaching the market for resale. The goods were taken to the dumping yard and destroyed.

FDA Raid  (3)
The seizure was undertaken by the Food and Drug Administration Department of Nagpur and they have lodged a Police complaint against the accused Yogesh Gwalani. An investigation has also been initiated to investigate how the accused managed to gather so many goods which had expired.