Published On : Wed, Mar 21st, 2018

FDA raids filthy, nauseating hotels near Railway Station

Nagpur: Four squads of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Tuesday raided over 20 hotels opposite Nagpur Railway Station and found that the eateries were literally playing with the lives of people with snacks and food prepared under utterly filthy and nauseating conditions. Most of the hotels were flouting the statutory hygiene and sanitation norms to the hilt. Moreover, it was found that most of the hotels did not possess licence.

The FDA officials were stunned to find kitchens of the hotels filthy and unhygienic with flies and other insects having a field day over the snacks and other food being prepared there. Many of the squad members were on the verge of vomiting at the sight of the noxious kitchen and the way food was being prepared. The same stuff was and is being served to people visiting the Railway Station or coming to city.

Around 40 small and big hotels have been doing their business at the space below flyover opposite Railway Station openly. Except a few, other hotels were full of filth, filth and filth only. The

FDA teams found that many hoteliers cooked in the open space behind their hotels, which led to accumulation of dirty water in the area. Many of the eateries used containers, infested with rats, for storage. They did not even have ventilation. Behind some hotels, there were overflowing gutters, next to which people were boiling potatoes, and other stuff. Vessels and glasses were being washed in unclean water. The plates in which snacks or food was being served were also washed in the same water. Water stored in drums for days together was given to customers, according to media reports.

The FDA teams found, to increase dining space, the eateries had reduced the size of their kitchens. They were keeping raw ingredients, snacks, chutneys and sambhar in the open and inviting not only customers but flies, insects as well.

The FDA has initiated action against the nonchalant owners of these hotels by issuing notices. The FDA has also taken samples of food from these eateries.